Diagnosing Your Sleep Disorders

There are many different sleep disorders. You can have sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome or sleepwalking. You can also have insomnia or a work schedule sleep disorder.

As you review this be aware that there is a difference between a sleep disorder and the cyclic tiredness that comes from dietary imbalance. If you are finding that your energy and concentration drops out in the afternoon and that often after a night's sleep you wake up and still feel tired the first place to look is nutrition and diet. If you cannot find your answer in there then you will need to look deeper for answers.

Some disorders can be mild or temporary - such as your body’s natural sleep clock getting thrown off by Daylight Savings Time.

Not being able to sleep can happen to anyone. It’s even common to struggle with bouts of insomnia that come and go.

What’s not so common is where a sleep disorder is chronic or life altering. Trouble sleeping isn’t supposed to be ongoing.

The problem with a sleep disorder is that you lose things other than sleep. You lose energy, feeling tired and often too exhausted to get everything done that you want to do.

Sleep disorders take a toll on more than sleep. Having a sleep disorder can negatively affect your health.

You may begin to experience periods of extreme irritation or even outbursts of anger in response to minimal stress.

If you struggle to fall asleep or your sleep is disrupted and it happens often, that’s a sign of a sleep disorder. Being tired during the day is a sign that you’re not getting enough refreshing sleep.

There’s a checklist you can look at for signs that you might have a sleep disorder. Ask yourself if you feel a desire to nap during the day.

Do you have to force yourself to pay attention during meetings and while driving because you’re so sleepy?

Do you fall asleep during afternoon television shows? Is a lack of sleep affecting your work performance? Are you often moody for no definable reason?

Sleep disorders can cause you to get the raccoon look around your eyes. You’ll have dark circles and puffy eyelids. Your body’s immune system won’t work as well and you can catch a virus much easier.

There is more than one way to diagnose a sleep disorder. First, if you’re having trouble sleeping or if you’re waking throughout the night or experiencing sleepiness during the day, start writing down what’s going on.

Write what time you went to bed and what symptoms occurred. Did someone wake you up and tell you that were snoring? Did you wake up gasping for air? Do your legs move about in your sleep? Do you feel pins and needles in your arms or legs?

After keeping a record of your sleep troubles, you’ll have more clues as to what could be going on with your lack of sleep.

You can also share your record with your doctor, who may recommend further testing - including an official sleep study. Usually, with some simple changes, you can start enjoying a good night’s sleep once again.

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