Desperate to Lose Weight Quickly? All You Have To Do Is DEW

It is always nice to see your college friends once in a while. Seeing them allows you to catch up with what is happening with your mates and learn how their lives are going. Those reasons are just a few of the many reasons why you want to keep in touch with your friends.

For me, I got curious when I heard that one of my very chubby college friends had lost a lot of weight and was now doing some modeling work. I was excited to learn that she was in town and I decided to get in touch with her. In my mind, it’s the best opportunity to get her secrets, after all, I would also like to lose some weight and look good.

Then, the day has come. We have met, chat and have some dinner. Of course, we have talked about how she had shed all those pounds and there I was listening very eagerly.

She told me that the key to success in physical fitness can be summarized into a three-letter word –DEW. Yes, dew as in the water we see in a morning, which symbolizes hope as well.

She also told me that aside from the DEW, all the other things are already its derivative. And DEW remains the most important factor. Well, I keep on saying DEW, but what is DEW anyway?

DEW stands for Diet, Exercise, and Will. Pretty good acronym isn’t it? Well, I will share with you what my friend has taught me.


This is very essential in losing those excess fats. According to her, diet means eating the right foods at the right time and not starving yourself. She stated that I have to watch out for my food intake.

As much as possible, she advised to eat 6 small meals a day wherein the breakfast is the most important meal of the day. She also said to eat foods that are high in fiber as well as green foods since they are healthier. Meats are OK but should be eaten in moderation.


Well, almost everybody knows that exercise really helps in getting the body you want and staying healthy. However, she said that I need not to enroll myself on any fitness centers or to get a personal trainer to be healthy (though sometimes it helps).

She said there are some activities that will be very helpful in trimming the fats like engaging into sports, doing household chores or even playing the popular Wii. The choice really depends on the person. The most important thing is to have at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. She also did mention that, the 30-minute exercise can be spread out into 5 or 10 minutes.


This aspect, she believes, is the most important among the three. Why? Because almost all of us are already aware that diet and exercise are great tools in losing weight. However, not all of us have the will to start doing it.

Having heard all of those things, I am glad that I had the opportunity to meet up with my old friend again. It was great catching up and it was wonderful to learn her secret to getting in shape. I am now doing those tips and I am hoping to be in shape soon.

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