Depression in Men: Signs and What to do About It

Cultures around the world have long considered men to be permanently stoic and emotionless. Research has revealed that this misconception is often forced upon men at childhood, leaving them with very few tools to deal with their emotions.

Recent studies have also shown that depression in men is far more common than previously known, and that it affects men from all ethnic, financial, and educational backgrounds.

Due to societal norms, men have been found to be far more adept at hiding their emotional state, making diagnosis much more challenging.

In the following article we’ll be looking at some of the signs of depression in men, and what can be done about them.


Men have been known to report stress rather than depression, either out of unawareness, or because it is more socially acceptable to report their negative experience as stress.

This phenomena contributes heavily to the difficulty in determining if a man has depression.

Sleep problems

Problems with sleep patterns may emerge when a man has depression. In most normal cases, a person may feel sad for a few days, but in cases of major depression, symptoms appear and can last for weeks.

Another one of the most common symptoms is loss of sleep or irregular sleep patterns.

Stomachache or backache

Sometimes depression can manifest itself in physical ways.

One signal that the symptom is depression related, is that the symptom cannot be detected or treated in the usual ways. This is commonly true of depression based aches and pains.

Difficulty Concentrating

Studies have shown that cognitive function is heavily influenced by depression.

It is common for the person with depression to have a hard time concentrating on even the most familiar tasks.

What You Can Do:

Seek Professional Help

Speaking with a professional that has experience with depression can help you to find solutions.

A doctor may suggest medications or therapy to help you to sort out, or get to the root of what is causing the depression.

Medications can cause side effects that could give you a new set of issues, so it’s import to weigh these options carefully with your doctor.

It has been known for a long time that exercise can be a way to manage depression.

Although it may be difficult, having a good workout can release endorphins that can chemically ease the feelings caused by depression.

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