Depression and Pessimism Go Hand in Hand

There are side effects for your mindset - side effects that limit your life or set you free to enjoy it as it was meant to be enjoyed. To be optimistic is to be happy and to wait for the good to come your way - even if it’s not currently present in your life.

You want to believe in a better future. Pessimistic people aren’t happy because they’re waiting for the negative and they don’t believe positive things will happen for them. They believe the future won’t be any better than their life is right at the moment. It’s no wonder that depression and pessimism go hand in hand.

People with a negative outlook on life are often said to rain on your parade. If someone says something positive, they’ll counter with something negative. For example, “I won $10,000 in a lottery scratch off!”

A pessimistic person would immediately point out the taxes that will eat a chunk of that winning, discuss how people are going to come out of the woodwork for money, how winning money changes people and how that they’re at risk of being robbed. Just like that, the joy of winning the $10,000 was sucked dry.

Depression and pessimism go hand in hand because pessimistic people see (and project) an air of always being the victim in any situation. They use self pity as a way to gain attention and while bad things do happen, it happens to everyone without regard to who they are.

Bad things are an equal opportunity strike. But those who are optimistic pick up the bat again and keep swinging until they knock the ball out of the park. Pessimistic people turn up their coat collar and trudge home in the biting cold because the game is over if they strike out. The focus isn’t on the next game, not on the other team members, but on the one thing that happened that was difficult.

Attitude can make things much worse than they are. But it can also make things better by changing how you feel about it. Your thoughts can cripple you and prevent you from acting, from moving on, and from being able to find joy in any situation.

One of the main reasons for depression in pessimistic people is a sense of hopelessness. Nothing good ever happens. Nothing ever changes. Success, love, and money is for others, never for them.

Suppose Thomas Edison had focused only on his failures when inventing the lightbulb rather than on the progress he’d made and what he’d learned with each failure? You can’t help it if your lightbulb theory won’t work at first.

But you can change your thinking, keep going and persevere and it will turn around. Even if it doesn’t happen right away, by adjusting how you view things, you can be happy and you can lift the down mood you experience.

Depression and pessimism together can keep you mired in the muck of negativity, which then feeds the depression, which then feeds the pessimism – it’s a vicious circle. You don’t have to see the glass as half empty. Instead, you can see it as an opportunity waiting to be filled to the top.

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