Debunking Eight Breast Symptoms and Cancer Myths

There are any myths when it comes to breast symptoms and cancer. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths about breast cancer symptoms and cancer.

When you have the correct knowledge, you’ll have the power you need to take control of your health.

Myth #1: If I have a lump in my breast, I must have cancer. This myth is absolutely not true. In fact, most lumps are not cancer.

Only about two out of every 10 lumps turns out to be cancerous. The remaining 80% turn out to be benign masses. Benign means noncancerous.

Myth #2: Getting a mammogram can actually cause cancer to develop. If you’re experiencing cancer symptoms or if you’re over the age of 40, you should have mammograms.

While this does expose you to radiation from the screening, it’s not enough to cause symptoms and cancer to progress.

In fact, the mammogram is one of the best tests than can be used to determine whether or not you have a growth in your breasts.

And if symptoms and cancer are detected early, you’ll have a better chance of full recovery and remission.

Myth #4: A mammogram will hurt. Another common myth is that the mammogram is a painful test. This comes from the idea that the machine squeezes the breast tissue.

While the machine does press the breast as flat as possible, most people only experience mild discomfort.

Myth #5: Men can’t get breast cancer. While men are not as likely to get breast cancer as women, it’s still a possibility.

Men have the same type of breast tissue in their chest as women and given the right genetics and environmental facts, men can develop breast cancer.

Myth #6: If your mom had breast cancer, you’ll definitely have it. While a family history of breast cancer can make it more likely for you to have it, it’s not a certainty.

Make sure to have regular screenings for early detection, but you don’t need to live in fear about cancer.

Myth #7: Antiperspirant, deodorants, and underwire bras can cause cancer. This is another common myth that spread through the internet.

There’s been no research linking breast cancer to any of these products. Rather it’s about genetics and lifestyle choices.

Myth #8: There’s nothing I can do to prevent breast cancer. Living a healthy lifestyle can actually help decrease your risk of breast cancer.

Getting regular exercise, eating a healthy diet, avoiding too much alcohol, and avoiding tobacco products can help prevent symptoms and cancer.

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