Dealing With Menopausal Fatigue And Discomfort

If you are a woman close to her 50’s, it is likely that you are experiencing menopause. Menopause is just a natural process which brings to an end the menstrual cycle and the ability of a woman to reproduce. If you are experiencing unusual mental and physiological changes, there is nothing to be worried about. This is all very natural.

The process of menopause can begin when a woman hits her 40’s. The monthly periods start becoming shorter and perhaps irregular. Then slowly and gradually, the cycle becomes completed. After the woman has experienced a whole year without having a period this is referred to as menopause.

After going through many, sometimes difficult, stages in her life, menopause can prove to be yet another time of upheaval for a woman.

The reason for this is that quite often, menopause symptoms can seem to be very disturbing. Women can feel as if they are no longer a useful and important part of the family due to the loss of their ability to reproduce.

In addition, a woman may feel she is no longer attractive to her husband and this thought can be very depressing to her. These feelings can make her anxious, worried and fatigued, and some women suffer from extreme depression.

Fatigue and prolonged tiredness are also noticed as a result of menopause. The reason is that many physiological changes are going on in the body causing a change in hormone production. The woman feels less confident and her energy level can also drop.

It is also common for women to put on weight during menopause. This is mainly due to extra fats being deposited on the body. Weight gain hampers the woman's mobility, causing tiredness and fatigue, and she can no longer move around as easily as when young. Thus she has another reason for disappointment.

To get rid of fatigue during menopause, the best option is to include a reasonable amount of exercise in your daily routine. This will boost your confidence. You will feel fit and smart and it will help you lose weight as well.

In addition, reviewing your diet plan can also serve a purpose. The intake of fatty and junk foods must be reduced. Instead try to eat fresh and natural products like fruits and vegetables.

These will provide your body with the important nutrients and will keep you young and healthy for a longer period of time.

The herb Angelica, called Tang Kuei in Asia, is very often an extremely helpful supplement if you have hormonal issues. Many people use this consistently for many years and find it gives ongoing relief.

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