Dealing with Anxiety Caused by Stress

That feeling of constant nervousness you experience makes it critical to make a plan for dealing with anxiety caused by stress. Anxiety can make you miserable – it can make you have tremors, increase your heart rate, and cause you to be in an irritable mood.

Feeling anxiety over a long period of time can cause depression and can interfere with your ability to live your life in a positive way. It can even keep you from doing the things you enjoy most. But you don’t have to accept that anxiety is going to be your new “normal”.

One of the first things you need to do is discover the root of your anxiety. Was there a specific event that has caused your feelings? Or is it a buildup of stress that’s occurred over time? In either case, you can’t let it control your life.

While some situations will require professional help, many people can learn to manage stress to prevent anxiety from taking center stage in life. The first thing you should do is look at your current activities. List everything you do in a day, week, or even month.

As you look at your activities, circle the activities that are causing you the most enjoyment. Then place a star next to those that are causing you the most stress. Look at the list again and cross out any activities that are unnecessary or could be delegated to someone else.

Now again, look at the activities that are causing you stress but are necessary. For example, your job might cause stress but is a requirement for income. You have a few options at this point. You can try to look for a new job that’s more enjoyable for you or has better hours.

If you can’t go to a new job right now, can you try to restructure your position? Many companies allow workers to work flex-time schedules so that you can have a three day weekend. You might also be able to telecommute to save some travel time.

If there are personal issues that are the true source of your anxiety, it’s time to take a hard look at them and determine what can be done. If you’re in a bad relationship, you might consider counseling or even letting that relationship go.

With major life changes stress can take center stage. A death in the family, a divorce, or a chronic illness can wreak havoc on the peace in your life.

Dealing with these issues tends to naturally get better over time, but you may need to seek help if you’re not able to dealing with the anxiety caused by stress is too much to handle on your own.

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