Dealing With Allergies

Anyone that suffers with hay fever or other types of seasonal or atmospheric allergies will testify that an allergy is much more than a nuisance – it can make one’s life miserable. While the specific irritants may vary from one individual to the next, most people complain of the same symptoms: sneezing, watery eyes that itch, fluid retention, swelling, sinus congestion and irritation.

In some rare and extreme allergy cases, a life threatening infection can develop. This only adds to the fear and anguish suffered by those with allergies. With such a wide variety of symptoms it is easy to understand why the allergy business is booming. Most pharmaceutical companies now have their own form of an ultimate allergy cure available; but the problem is that most of these medications come with a long list of side effects, including drowsiness, which limits the convenience of the use of the medication.

If you happen to be like millions of other people you are looking for natural ways to remedy and deal with your health issues. The good news is that even with allergies, there are ways to do just that. To begin, the simple solution is to avoid the irritants – but of course, living in a real world, that is not always possible.

Besides prescription drugs there is a wide range of over the counter medications available. The problem is that many of these also contain ingredients that can cause drowsiness or have other unpleasant side effects.

There are some great herbal remedies for the various symptoms suffered due to allergies. Chamomile is a natural antihistamine and it also works to calm the nerves. On the flip side, chamomile belongs to the ragweed plant family, so anyone allergic to ragweed should avoid this remedy.

Your grandmother or mother may have told you about garlic and honey, this is an age old home remedy that seems to work very well. Garlic has decongestant properties and honey works to fight against everyday allergens – together these ingredients make the perfect remedy. Just steep one crushed clove of garlic in a cup of water, stir, then mix in one or two teaspoons of honey.

Ginger is known to boost the immune system and reduce the production of histamine. Ginger should be one of the first ingredients sought by anyone using natural allergy remedies.

Green tea keeps getting good press – and for good reason. In this case, green tea can help provide resistance against irritants that cause allergy attacks because the tea possesses a natural histamine blocker. If mixed with peppermint oil or leaves the user will also get the benefit of a decongestant that does not cause drowsiness.

Because dealing with flare ups is not fun, most allergy sufferers agree that being proactive is better than reacting to the symptoms. This means being alert to the irritants in your environment and either avoiding them or minimizing your exposure in whatever way possible. But when flare ups do occur you can relax in knowing that there are various solutions available.


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