Dancing Health Benefits Revealed

Dancing has been around since the ancient times. Before, dancing was used mainly for the rituals and telling of stories until it has evolved into the dancing that we know today – for entertainment. For a long time, dancing has been associated with entertainment whereas many types of dance have been developed like waltz, salsa, ballet, boogie, swing, hip-hop and even one of the most popular dance nowadays – break dance.

Until recently, many health advisers and trainers are recommending dancing to many of their clients as a good form of exercise. In fact, many dance classes or workshops are especially designed for this purpose, like belly dancing and aerobics.

Those dance routines have been very helpful in maintaining good posture and good health of an individual. This explains why most of the dancers that we see are in good shape.

Having said that, let us examine the different benefits one can get from dancing.

1) Burn Calories.
Indeed that moving the body in that intensity can be very helpful in burning fats and calories that reside in the body. In addition, stamina is being improved in dancing as well. A dance routine can burn approximately 10 calories in a minute depending on the intensity of the dance. For example, those that are dancing hip-hop or mambo burn more calories than those that are dancing a slow dance.

2) Stronger Bones.
From the different studies, dance has been helpful in preventing osteoporosis, which is one of the major problems of women especially those that are aging already. Moreover, dance also lubricates the joints which helps to prevent arthritis.

3) Lowers LDL.
From a new research, it has been found out that dancing helps in lowering the bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body at the same time, increasing the good cholesterol level (HDL). Also, dancing is ideal for diabetics since it helps in controlling the blood sugar level.

4) Good Memory.
Since there are many steps and routines to remember during a dance, memory is being improved as well. For that reason, it keeps the brain active and alert thus, dancing is not only a good exercise for the body, but for the brain as well.

5) Younger body.
Due to the extraneous activity being performed while dancing, it has been linked to many benefits which keeps the mind and body young, While dancing, the heart, the lungs and the whole cardiovascular system is being used, thus increasing their performance and capacity. Dancing is almost equivalent to cycling, swimming and running in terms of strength training, muscles exertion and breathing rates.

6) Happiness.
Dancing definitely provides happiness since one can see the output of his training wherein weight loss and good and a healthy body can be achieved. Also, in dancing there are a lot of friends to be gained thru socializing with others.

Thus, whether it is a formal dancing lesson or just a simple strut, dancing can result in better physical fitness and overall health

Learn more about dance and health on my site here: Jenny Burland @ New 4 Life

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