Cystic Acne Causes and Treatments

The worst type of acne is called cystic acne. With this type of acne, the blemishes are widespread and are red with an irritated appearance.

It’s not unusual for a case of cystic acne to completely cover the face or to appear on other areas of the body.

What causes cystic acne to develop are basically the same reasons that any other acne outbreak occurs.

The causes are too much production of the oil called sebum and an inability by the body to get rid of the dead skin cells in accordance with the overproduction of sebum.

Bacteria also plays a big part in the development of cystic acne.

Bacteria is why some of the cysts can feel painful to the touch.

This type of acne is also caused by puberty, by hormonal changes and for women, pregnancy and menopause can be the culprit behind an outbreak.

Cystic acne gets the red, irritated appearance because it becomes infected with bacteria.

This bacteria often erupts the hair follicle and goes below the pore, allowing a cyst to develop from the infection.

These cysts are often hard and no attempt at squeezing the cyst should be made because this type of acne causes the most skin damage and should be treated at the first sign of an outbreak.

Since teens are especially susceptible to cystic acne, fast treatment should be done in order to minimize the social embarrassment they might feel.

Some treatment can be done at home to take care of the skin in a mild outbreak.

You should practice a good skin care routine.

Use a cleanser that’s suitable for treating acne and make sure you exfoliate your skin.

Don’t use products that can stop up your pores.

These products could include certain types of makeup, lotions that are thick - and in the summertime, choose a sunscreen that’s for people who tend to have acne outbreaks, not the greasy ones.

Treatment can also include taking antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.

Some antibiotics are oral - such as amoxicillin or doxycycline.

Topical antibiotics often prescribed are Retin-A or other topical products that have salicylic acid.

You may be given a steroid shot.

For women, if the outbreak is caused by hormonal changes, the use of oral contraceptives can help restore balance and treat the outbreak.

Though the prescribed drug Accutane can be prescribed for cystic acne, this highly effective treatment has some serious side effects associated with the usage.

A dermatologist can treat cases of cystic acne with photodynamic therapy (PDT) or other skin resurfacing measures.

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