Crystals and Gemstones as Alternative Therapy

Alternative health practices have become more and more popular in the past few decades because of their many health benefits. They often heal the body in more natural ways, since chemicals are not introduced into the system.

However, there are also many skeptics of alternative medical treatments who believe that these techniques do not work, and it is simply a matter of healing through the power of suggestion and a positive attitude.

Whatever the case may be, studies show that some alternative therapies work, so you should explore these options with your doctor. One such option that is being studied more often is the use of crystal therapy to relieve pain and illness.

This technique uses crystals and gemstones on the body in the belief that they encourage the healing process. There are a number of ways in which you can do this, and professionals have specific techniques that they use in conjunction with spiritual and physical healing.

However, you can also use this type of therapy in your own home by purchasing gemstones and crystals for your own use. In the end, the process may not help you, but it cannot hurt your, so it is worth the try for those suffering from pain and disease.

A number of different stones can be used for many different purposes. Apatite is said to ward off viruses. Blue Aventurine helps clear congestion. Cape Amethyst is used to relieve arthritis pain. Citrine uplifts the spirit and physical body, so it can be used on people who have spinal problems.

Emeralds promote healing and are thought to be very strong. Jade can be used for relaxation, like massage. Black Onyx helps you change bad habits and can therefore be useful for people trying to cope with alcoholism or other kinds of drug abuse or addiction. Sugilite can be used to gain energy.

A number of other stones can also be used for spiritual and physical well being, and a professional can help you discover these properties.

When buying a gemstone, make sure that it is real, as glass can often look like the true thing. Also, metal greatly effects gemstone therapy. Purchase stones that are free, in the form of beads for example, instead of using jewelry in which the stone is encased in metal.

Always be sure that you are buying high quality stones as well, as these will have a larger effect on your body—the stones should have few inclusions, chips, or other faults and the larger the stones are, the more healing powers they emit.

Choose stones that are undyed for the best results and as you use the gemstones, record your feelings. Everyone reacts differently to crystal therapy, so find what works best for you.

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