Creating Your Ideal Stress Free Lifestyle

"It comes down to choice. You are always free to choose!" - Lewis Smile

Do you love getting up for work? Do you look forward to seeing your boss? Oh, I bet it's the highlight of your week...

Lots of people get stressed dreading work, thinking about it all weekend and hating every minute of the journey there during the week. But when you work for yourself it’s a totally different story; one that’s definitely worth thinking about.

When you earn your own income, and you don’t rely on anyone else for a paycheck, the stress melts away. If you work from home you don't get told what to do and when to do it. If you work from home you get the total freedom to choose your own working hours, and set your own income. If you work from home the morning commute to your desk is just a few seconds long, and it can be made in your pyjamas or even in the nude if you like!

Can you imagine what would happen if you turned up to your current job in your pyjamas? Or phoning in to work and telling your boss it’s a nice sunny day so you’ll be taking the day off to enjoy it? That's the kind of freedom a home business can bring you.

But make no mistake. When you work from home you will still need to WORK. You will be building an income that will continue to grow each month, so eventually you will get paid regardless of whether you work or not, but until that day you will need to work extremely hard. You won't get a $5000-a-month business for doing nothing. But working for yourself is entirely different to working for a boss!

When you work for a boss, they decide how much you get paid. So if you're struggling to pay the bills, or want to earn more money to buy a bigger house, you have no power to earn more. You either have to get promoted, beg your boss for a raise, or look for a higher paying job somewhere else. And yet if you were in charge of your own paycheck you would be paid what your time is really worth, and be able to set your own earnings. It comes down to taking control of your own time and income.

If you really want a stress free lifestyle you have to work for yourself and take control of your own life. You can have a lie in every morning. You can also take the day off without having to call in and ask for permission. You can choose the hours that really suit you to work instead of having to start early and finish late.

Home businesses are getting more popular every year, and it's really no surprise. While hard work to begin with, the financial rewards build up over time and you're able to work less and less as your business grows. It's the quickest way to a stress-free lifestyle!

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