Cold Weather Outdoor Fitness: Safety 101

Working out outdoors during winter brings on its unique set of challenges. The cold isn't just an unpleasant sensation - it's an actual physical danger. Before you go outside to do your workout, make sure you're safe and prepared. These safety tips will help make sure you're exercising outside safely.

==> Know the Frostbite Signs

Read up a bit on frostbite before you head out into the winter cold. One of the dangers of frostbite is that it doesn't "hurt" the same way a normal wound does, but can easily cause as much damage.

It usually begins as a numb feeling or a peculiar sense of stinging. If you suddenly can't feel a part of your body, get indoors immediately and gently warm up your body again.

==> Bring a Cell Phone with You

Always bring a cell phone with you when you're working out in winter. Many people prefer to leave their cell phones at home when they work out. Unfortunately, in winter that just isn't safe.

It could be frostbite, it could be a snowstorm, you could get lost or you could even find another jogger who's having trouble. Having a cell phone could save your life or someone else's life. Always bring a cell phone with you.

==> Check the Weather Forecast

In winter, it's extremely dangerous to go outside without checking the weather. It's not just snowstorms that you're looking out for.

If it suddenly starts to rain, the rain will easily soak through all your clothes, chilling you to the bone. By the time you get back to your house, you'll feel frozen and may need medical attention.

Strong winds can also go right through clothing, again draining body heat. If it's coupled with snow, you have a recipe for disaster.

Check your weather forecast before you leave.

==> Put On Sunscreen

People often mistakenly think that just because it's winter, they're not going to get sunburnt. It's in fact easier to get sunburnt in the snow than on the beach.

If it's cloudy and there's no snow around, you can get away with not using sunscreen. If there's snow and sun, however, make sure you protect your skin.

==> Wear Appropriate Clothing

Wear clothing that's warm and waterproof. Cover all areas of your body, including the head area and your hands. Don't be afraid to layer multiple gloves. Also wear goggles to keep the cold and the snow away from your eyes.

Working out in the cold poses its own unique challenges and dangers. Exercise with caution and always think of safety first. Thousands of people every year exercise outdoors safely - but every once in a while, someone does get hurt. Follow these precautions to make sure you're not one of them.

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