Cerebral Aneurysm: Definition, Cause, and Treatment

Cerebral aneurysm (a.k.a. brain aneurysm, intracranial aneurysm) an arterial condition where the softened arterial wall lining produces and abnormal out-pouching that has the tendency to rupture.

The aneurysm is commonly found along the Circle of Willis, which is the major arterial network of the brain. If this aneurysm would rupture, hemorrhage will result in the subarachnoid space.

This will result to several conditions that can lead to death. About one in every 15 people will suffer brain aneurysm in the United States.

There are several conditions that will cause cerebral aneurism in a person. These conditions are:
* Hypertension
– the increased pressure of the blood causes spasmodic contraction of the muscles of the artery, resulting to a weakened arterial wall.

* Atherosclerosis
– the plaque that sticks to the arterial wall also cause resultant weakening.

* Genetic defects
– some genetic defects can result to formation of arteries that have inherent weak walls, predisposing the person to aneurysm formations.

* Head trauma
– trauma to the head can cause injury to the arteries, weakening the muscles and wall resulting to aneurysm.

A cerebral aneurysm is commonly detected only after rupture. A cerebral aneurism will manifest different signs and symptoms, depending if it has ruptured or not.

An intact cerebral aneurysm will show the following signs and symptoms

* Short term memory loss
* Mood swings or sudden behavioral changes
* Difficulty in making abstract decisions
* Difficulty in speech
* Loss of balance and coordination
* Decreased ability to concentrate
* Problems with perception
* Peripheral vision difficulties
* Fatigue

A ruptured cerebral aneurysm will have the following clinical manifestations that prompt immediate and exact medical attention.

* Nausea and vomiting
* Blurred vision or diplopia (double vision)
* Sensitivity to light
* Loss of sensation
* Dilated pupils
* Periorbital and orbital pain
* Painful or stiff neck
* Excruciating headache

When an aneurysm is detected, it is often left alone to avoid complications due to cranial surgery.

Once the aneurysm ruptures, it is considered a medical emergency that has to be treated immediately to prevent any lasting or permanent harm.

* Surgical clipping is done through craniotomy where the aneurysm is exposed and a specific clip is chosen to seal the base of the aneurysm.

* Endovascular coiling involves passage of a catheter through femoral artery access (located at the groin), passing to the aorta, ending to the cranial arteries to the aneurysm.

Once the catheter reaches the aneurysm, coils made up of platinum are introduced to the aneurysm.

These coils seal the aneurysm by initiating a thrombotic reaction that will successfully eliminate the aneurysm if done correctly. Stent-assisted coiling may have to be done for aneurysms that have a broad base.

Each person have different prognosis when it comes to dealing with a ruptured aneurysm. Conditions that may affect the person’s ability to adapt would be age, gender, level of fitness, and neurological condition.

If your doctor has given you a diagnosis of an intact aneurysm, you must discuss lifestyle modification changes (i.e. increased physical activity, reduction of any form of stress) and other necessary interventions to help you cope with your condition.

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