Can pollution cause my asthma?

This article looks into the effects pollution has on the asthma sufferer.

How to live in a dirty world

We now know (and even governments are beginning to admit it) that pollution is growing daily and is a key factor in the explosion of the number of asthmatics around the world.

There is practically no country that hasn't seen a rise in pollution levels and the amount of asthma sufferers in the last twenty years.

Whether it is the black smoke coming out of car exhausts, large chemical plants or smoke from cigarettes, people are feeling its effects on their health in an increasingly alarming number.

Maybe what is the saddest and also the most frightening problem with asthma is that children are particularly at risk.

As their lungs are still growing and as a result have to breathe faster than adults, they are more prone to smoke and other pollutants found in the air.

Children are also more susceptible to developing asthma if they live in a smoke filled house or the area where they live has a high smog count.

People who already have asthma have seen it getting worse in recent years. More sufferers are finding themselves being treated in hospital when before they could cope by themselves.

So what can we do you reduce pollution? Well short of being elected president in your country and bringing in new laws to curb pollution emissions, not too much. The first solution is to make your house smoke and pollution free.

If you smoke, quit. It may sound like an impossible task, especially if you have been at it for many years, but ask your doctor to give you some advice and you will be amazed at the treatments that are now available to make it easier.

Don't let other people smoke in your house, either. If you really can't stop smoking then find a place such as the garden, balcony or window and only smoke there.

By limiting the amount of places in the home containing cigarette smoke you will go a long way to controlling your children's asthma.

Another very important cause of asthma is smog from vehicle emissions. Use your car less, if you are going to the corner shop then walk!

Buy a bicycle, ask work colleagues if they would like to start a car pool with you.

It may seem like a grain of sand in an ocean but doing your bit will eventually produce results.

© Karon Beattie -

About the Author - Karon Beattie is a former asthma sufferer. She is the author of several books including "Naturally Free From Asthma" which describes how she eliminated her own asthma. This book has helped many other sufferers WorldWide do the same.

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