Best Eye Care Tips for You

Eyes may be tough but they need to be cared for, particularly from exposure to dirt, dust, pollution and smoky atmosphere.

Tips for healthy eyes

• Get into the habit of starting the day by splashing your open eyes with cold water, so that they are thoroughly cleaned and stimulated.

• Avoid using too much of eye drops, rather it is better to squeeze fresh cucumber juice into your eyes.

• Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily.

• Your sleep pattern should be composed of at least 7 hrs.

• Make sure to remove all traces of eye make up before going to bed for it might cause infection in the roots of eyelashes.

• Do rest your eyes at least every 30 minutes when you are reading, sewing, using a computer or the likes, by looking up and focussing at distant objects.

• Make sure that your diet contains good sources of Vitamin A, such as cereals, celery, oily fish, egg yolk and liver. If your eyes are itchy, watery or bloodshot you could be lacking in Vitamin B2 which can be found in brewer's yeast, liver and whole grain cereals.

• Do make sure that your computer and television screens are sharply focused.

• Do not rub or stretch the skin under the eyes-it is very delicate and is easily damaged.

• Don't read in poor light; the light should come from behind or above rather than from the front.

• Don't look directly at the sun, as you might be tempted to do during an eclipse; even the darkened sun can cause severe and permanent damage. Similarly, avoid staring at any bright or glaring lights.

• Don't read for more than two hours at a stretch. Give a rest in between to your eyes for 10 min by putting the palms of your hands over them and shutting out the light.

• Do wear sunglasses when in bright sunlight.
Castor oil for beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes
Applying pure castor oil to your eyebrows and lashes, particularly those who have scanty growth will make them grow thick and long.

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