Avoiding Weight Gain During Menopause with Your Health Online Guide

Many pre-menopausal women wonder whether menopausal fat is inevitable once you enter this phase in your life. Could this be a result of the hormonal changes associated with the process of menopause?

Yes, there is a strong likelihood for most women to put on weight as they go through menopause. Numerous studies have been able to link the two together.

Menopause can be a very overwhelming and even distressing time for a woman and menopausal fat is one more thing that you have to deal with. During menopause, a woman can undergo many changes, and many of these changes are accompanied by discomfort and pain.

Women who experienced putting on weight can certainly tell you that this is not a very good experience. When you try to fit into your old clothes, you might notice that it is not as easy to zip up your jeans or close the buttons of your blouse.

This can be very depressing, however, it does not have to be always true. In fact, you can very much avoid gaining weight as you age.

The hormonal changes within your body make you more prone to weight gain. It is like a shock to your system and because it is undergoing some big changes, your body may not really know how to react.

As the levels of estrogen taper off, the body takes on more fat cells to compensate. Whereas maintaining a slim figure was once easy for you, you now find yourself looking at the fluctuating numbers on the scale.

However, estrogen is not the only hormone responsible for this sudden change. New studies reveal that adrenaline and cortisol also play a big part in the body’s fat gain.

Adrenaline is a commonly known stress hormone that induces alertness and readiness during stressful situations. Cortisol, conversely, is used to calm your body down after a period of heightened stress.

You find yourself craving for more carbohydrates and fats so that you can replenish your body's energy in preparation for what could come next. Women's bodies contain elevated levels of both of these hormones in menopause.

You, however, need not have to necessarily accept weight as an inevitable fact. The first thing you should know is that menopause fat is somewhat of a misnomer.

It just so happens that your weight gain has coincided with your menopausal period. Just take into consideration your metabolism because as you grow old, your metabolism declines.

But menopausal women are not doomed to being fat for the remaining part of their lives. A simple walking routine done three to four times a week greatly helps.

Lifestyle choices are an even more important determinant to weight gain, and this holds true for men as well. You can always influence your progression through menopause in order to avoid some of the potential negative side effects.

You should be in total control of your body, just know that you have enough willpower in you to make this possible.

Those extra pounds you gain during pre-menopause will in fact go away once you get past menopause. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, this can actually come even sooner.

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