Asthma in Children

Asthma is a respiratory disorder which can be acquired through smoke, environmental pollutants or other pollution emitted through air. It can also be inherited. Asthma normally occurs in children below 3 years of age, or slightly after but before 5 years of age.

It is noticeable by a wheezing sound, but if the wheezing sound is not present, you will notice the child is out of breath after a physical activity. Encouraging children to do physical exercises is one way to observe the child’s breathing habits.

If you suspect your child has asthma, consult a doctor immediately. Give the doctor a medical history of your family. Tell the doctor of your observations and the movements and activities of the child.

The doctor should be provided with as much information as possible in order to make a thorough diagnosis. Don’t judge what is relevant. Leave that to the doctor. A misinterpretation could result in erroneous medications and might affect the child’s constitution.

The doctor has to determine the cause of the asthma to establish the proper medication for the child. The preventive measure is ensuring there is no blockage in the airway and that the child can breathe with minimal troubles.

Tests for asthma involve checking the proper functioning of lungs and determining the root cause for the asthma. Asthma could result from allergies, excessive exercises, or by inheritance.

The child should be tested for different factors such as dust, pollen and smoke to determine the type of allergies. This is a long process that requires isolation of the factors that caused the asthma.

Exercises should be under close supervision of the doctor so they can determine the extent of physical strain exerted by the child. The family history will help establish if the asthma was inherited and the type of asthma evident in the family.
Ideally, the child outgrows the asthma.

The immediate goal is to ensure that the child can function as normally as possible and reduce possible asthma attacks. There are medications to control asthma and provide quick relief in case of sudden attacks.

People should be told if the child has asthma so they can treat the child in the proper manner and react appropriately in case the child has sudden attacks. The doctor will prescribe the proper dosages and frequency of usage. Have the child checked regularly. Treatment may change depending on the development of the child.

Children should be taught when to expect asthma attacks. As the doctor gains more knowledge on the type of asthma of the child, he is able to impart guidelines and instructions to the parents and to the child on how to monitor and control asthma triggers.

Place the child in an asthma-proof environment, such as using air conditioners and allowing sufficient cross ventilation in the home. Avoid wallpaper, carpets, curtains or similar material that can accumulate dust.

Be sure to clean your home regularly with a vacuum cleaner or similar appliances that can pick up the dust effectively. Avoid smoking and burning wood or charcoal in the presence of the child. Do not allow animals in the home. With proper care and attention, a child can control their asthma and live a fairly comfortable and normal life.

While medical claims will not be made for nutrition products it is worth while checking what nutritional options are available for people, including children, with asthma.

Often improved nutrition seems to aid the bodies ability to withstand the environmental triggers and hence asthma attacks seem to occur less frequently.

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