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One way to stay calm should the person feel stressed is by taking deep breaths. If this is not enough, sometimes walking out of the room to get some fresh air will do some good.

Aromatherapy is also a great stress reliever. Aside from applying the oil or inhaling it, the same thing can be done by using incense.

The person can buy a set of sticks for less than $10 from the store. These should be lit and then placed in a container so that the scent can fill the room.

The use of incense is also used in other functions. Most churches use either frankincense or sandalwood when holding special ceremony.

The Chinese use this to ward off evil spirits when opening a business to have a prosperous future ahead. Certain establishments use lavender sticks, which are very effective in keeping insects away.

Not all kinds of incense sticks are good to use. This is because there are substandard ones in the market, which could endanger the respiratory system especially for those who are asthmatic.

This can be avoided by only going to reputable dealers that are recommended by family members and friends.

Here are a few examples of incense sticks generally sold to the public.

1. The first is amber. These are designed to calm disturbing conditions, which can help stabilize imbalances in one’s system.

2. The second is Indian Cedar
, which is often used as anti-depressant.

3. The third is Jasmine. It helps balance the hormones in both men and women. This is sometimes taken as an aphrodisiac just like chocolate, which is great to keep the sex life alive.

4. Next is lavender, which is always known to make a person relax.

5. Lily is sometimes called a mild sedative since it helps slow down the heart rate and calms the nerves.

6. Patchouli helps strengthen the nerves. It does the same thing just like Indian Cedar so should the first run out, there is always an alternative, which can be used as a substitute.

7. Rose promotes spiritual healing and attunement. This is ideal either lying down or when meditating in the room which will help the person focus on the task at hand.

8. Lastly, is sandalwood, which is very similar to Rose and helps stimulate the pituitary and pineal glands.

These sticks are usually sold in sets. One pack can hold up to a dozen while those who want to get good value should try getting the kind that carries four or five different scents.

This will give the individual of some of those available in the market so the customer will know which one to get when it is time to resupply.

After some time of using aromatherapy incense, the person can try other things that are available to help feel relaxed at all times.

There are bath salts, which can be used in the bathroom, candles which also does the same thing like the incense.

Aromatherapy is truly a great way to feel good again. It has a natural high that does not have any side effects and can be used as often as the person wants. The only thing to figure out is which one to be used given that each kind has a particular usage.

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