Are low carb diets healthy?

Are low carb diets healthy? That is a question that can be difficult to answer. Studies show that low carb diets can function well initially for many people. However, a lot of other people are not so lucky. Their systems do not respond well to low carb diets. A diet lower in carbohydrates is a diet that is low on sugars and starches, and full of protein and fat.

There are many low carb diet programs available. The Atkins, Zone, and Protein Power diets are probably the most popular.

These diets focus on primarily poultry, meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, and dairy products which are low in sugars and starch, but high in protein and fat. Professionals state that since you are not consuming carbohydrates your body will, in turn, break up fat instead to find the required energy needed, and, consequently, desired weight reduction is possible.

However, studies have shown that what actually comes about when people deprive themselves of carbohydrates, would be that the body actually burns glycogen with a high-water content. The first weight reduction achieved from these reduced carb diet programs is actually because of the loss of water content instead of fat.

Are reduced carb diets healthy? It takes longer to digest protein and fat than it does carbohydrates. The body's metabolism is very complex. Your body needs carbohydrates in order to function properly. However, there aren't any long term studies to exhibit the long run health results of reduced carb diets, it makes sense these kinds of diets aren't healthy and definitely not the answer.

Studies show that while individuals using low carb diets may initially lose weight but they aren't able to maintain that initial weight loss. It is suggested, by the American Dietic Association, that the average adult needs to consume a the least 130 grams of carbohydrates daily since carbohydrates really are a more easily available supply of energy than proteins or fat.

Eating carbohydrates is important to be able to lose weight, however, it is the best that you do not eat them excessively. So, what's the answer?

A well-balanced diet which includes the right type of carbohydrates, along with proteins, fat, grains, fiber, and etc. may be the answer. Should you be looking to lose weight naturally, your diet is 80% of the battle.

Consider getting a diet program which will work for you without depriving yourself of the necessary things that build your body's metabolism function properly. Unfortunately, there is no magic diet system for immediate weight loss.

Balancing your diet plan, along with the proper amount of exercise, is the only proven way to lose and gaze after a proper weight. Are low carb diets healthy? What is your opinion?

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