Anger Management | Put Your Anger to Good Use

There are many types of anger, some of which may be good while others may be harmful to yourself and to others.

Seeing an injustice and responding to it in anger is a healthy and good anger. It is acceptable to get mad over a grievous evil action, such as murder and other evil deeds that cause harm and damage. For instance, anger was in some aspect responsible for the human rights movement and women suffrage. However, there are other types of anger which are considered to be negative and could cause damage and harm if allowed to be expressed publicly.

Take the time to recognize these unhealthy anger and understand the damage that could be caused if you allow yourself to be consumed by those emotions.

Self-inflicted anger is anger directed to oneself. You are angry at yourself and you impose some form of punishment on yourself. This type of anger is very dangerous. Behavioral anger makes you feel like causing physical harm to the person or thing that caused you to be angry in the first place. This is risky as the person could experience retaliatory anger and hurt you in return. People with this type of anger normally believe violence resolves all problems.

Judgmental and verbal anger are demonstrated in a non-physical manner. You use words and expressions to humiliate and bring down the dignity of the other person. These can be more painful than applying physical harm as the person may feel the effects of the insult even after many years. There may be adults who still feel the judgmental anger of their parents.

Volatile anger is sudden anger. It comes and goes in a matter of minutes. It may be displayed physically or verbally. Although the time span is short, the anger can reach violent levels of rage and the person may be unaware of the event. You should be aware of these and other types of anger, such as passive anger, constructive anger, overwhelmed anger and paranoid anger.

Once you determine the type of anger you are experiencing, you can turn that anger around and put it to good use. Some people will not respond until you get angry with them. These people believe in your kindness and goodness such that they feel they can do anything without incurring your wrath.

They abuse your good nature and try your patience to the limit. A good dose of anger will help keep them on their toes and prevent them from further abusing your charitable nature. Be sure your anger does not get out of control.

Be aware of your anger moods and keep them under control. Apply them in a positive manner into your personality and character and put them to good use.

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