An Ultimate Guide Athletes Foot Treatment

Also known as “tinea pedis” or “foot ring-worm,” athlete’s foot is known to be common condition to people above 12 or 15 years old. This skin disease is common because the fungi that causes can be found in areas where people usually use the same facility like swimming pools, showers, locker rooms, and other warm and damp areas.

Treating The Common Skin Condition

Although athlete’s foot can be found in areas where you cannot avoid, it doesn’t mean that you cannot treat or prevent it once you have acquired it. Medical experts say that this disease can be persistent and difficult to eliminate completely and totally but can be treated by having proper hygiene and by using medication administered by a professional.

The first step in treating athlete’s foot is by developing a basic routine. This routine should include means of keeping the feet or the infected area always clean and dry. Since the athlete’s foot causing fungi thrive in moist, damp and warm areas, you should make sure that you eliminate possible environments for it to grow.

You should also make sure that you wear clean socks all the time and you have a spare pair or pairs so you can change it right away once it gets soaked with sweat. Medical experts say that white cotton socks or those made from natural fibers are the most ideal for those who suffer from athlete’s foot.

Aside from wearing cotton socks, make sure that you avoid wearing tight or non-porous shoes whenever possible. Wearing open-toe sandals or shoes can also help in keeping the feet well-ventilated and dry.

Another effective athlete’s foot treatment also involves medication. A patient can treat athlete’s foot by applying anti-fungal topical medication directly on the infected area. Today, there are lots over-the-counter anti-fungal medications that can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription or referral. These creams usually contain substances that are proven to kill fungi like miconazole, tolnaftate, and clotrimazole.

The application of these creams should only be once a day. If the fungal infection of the foot gets worse or does not subside after application of topical medication, a dermatologist or a physician may prescribe oral anti-fungal medication such as pill or tablets to kill the persistent and recurrent skin disease.

Aside from a cleanliness routine, make sure that you also take preventive steps and measures to keep the fungus from coming back. You can do this by keep the feet dry so the medication can pass through the pores of the affected area, avoiding areas that houses facilities that everybody can use or wearing sandals if you can’t avoid going to places like gym, shower or locker room, changing socks often, and by using talcum powder on your feet to keep it dry.

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