An Effective Plan for Weight Loss While Breastfeeding

After spending nine months throughout pregnancy, and gaining a significance amount to wait to support the growth and birth of your child, you are likely hoping to start dieting soon, even though your breast feeding. In fact, nursing mothers tend to consider beginning an effective diet plan long before their newborn is ready to give up on breastfeeding.

It is never recommended that a nursing mother begin a weight loss diet because it can compromise the quantity and quality of the breast milk she produces for the newborn. However, losing a significant amount of weight while still nursing is not as challenging as it might appear. In fact, the action of breast feeding typically burns approximately 500 calories every day, which can put you at a significant advantage over new moms that are feeding their babies with formula.

Setting a Realistic Goal

It is essential to understand that the body’s requirements for generating breast milk take a lot of work. Because of that, it is better to work with the body in its efforts, then against it in an attempt to rush into quick weight loss. As a result, you need to follow specific guidelines that include:

• Taking It Slow – Instead of giving up on eating a sufficient amount of food every day, decrease your daily caloric intake at a gradual pace. This will help avoid interfering with the body’s ability to produce a sufficient amount of nutritional breast milk. Recognize that your journey to lose weight and regain your shape may take up to 12 months.

• Weight Loss Expectations – There should be a specific expectation of weight loss while breastfeeding. This means you should expect a slow and steady process through your weight loss regimen that produces weight loss at 1 to 2 pounds every week, or a total of six pounds each month. Losing weight quicker than that can rapidly diminish your ability to produce enough milk supply. Instead, aim for a steady slow progress in your weight loss plan.

Things to Avoid

To maintain the health and safety of your baby, you need to understand what to avoid during your process of losing weight slowly. This includes never a changing a part of your diet in the first two months of your baby’s life. This is because you need to provide an ample supply of healthy milk. Cutting out any calories during this time can negatively affect your ability to create a milk supply, and reduce your energy level.

In addition, you need to avoid any type of rapid weight loss while breastfeeding. This is because the process releases toxins that will end up in the baby’s milk and could pose a significant danger to the newborn. Finally, you will need to avoid any type of alcohol consumption. This is because it produces empty calories and has the ability to make its way into the baby’s breast milk.

Proper weight loss while breastfeeding is a slow and steady process that will likely take many months to accomplish.

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Answers to Weight Loss While Breastfeeding

You've spent nine long months pregnant and you're tired of feeling overweight and unwieldy. You want to know about Weight Loss While Breastfeeding and don't know where to turn. Here are some answers to some of the most common questions regarding weight loss during this time.

Do Breastfeeding Mothers Lose Weight More Quickly?

For most women who chose to breastfeed the answer to this questions is yes. Of course, a few other factors need to be taken into consideration. Sticking to a healthy diet is first and foremost for breastfeeding mothers. Your baby needs a set amount of calories each day and your body will prepare those calories for baby so you'll be losing weight as long as you maintain and appropriate diet.

If I Don't Breastfeed Can I Still Lose Weight?

Yes of course you can. You'll just have to work a bit harder than a breastfeeding mother does. You'll need to watch your diet, and put in some exercise each and every day in order to burn off those extra pounds that you put on while you were pregnant.

Do I Need To Work At Losing Weight?

If you're breastfeeding you likely won't even have to think about losing that extra weight. You'll simply find that baby is taking in plenty of calories and you're beginning to lose that baby weight. Remember, it took you nine months to gain the weight and you won't be losing it overnight.

How Fast Does Weight Loss While Breastfeeding Take to Work?

Generally speaking once baby is about three to six months of age you'll notice that you've lost most of the weight. Of course, each baby gains weight differently and you'll lose weight differently than someone else would. You should at least notice a change in your weight by this time though on average.

What If I Breastfeed Longer?

The longer you breastfeed, the more weight you'll lose. As long as you aren't increasing your calorie count this will work until baby is six to eight months of age. After that time babies generally begin to take solid foods and you generally plateau on your weight unless you add in some exercise.

What Calories Will I need?

Most breastfeeding mothers will need 1800 calories per day. If you're on a diet of less than 1500 calories per day you shouldn't go lower than that it could affect your health and that of your baby.

Can I Crash Diet To Speed Up My Weight Loss?

This isn't a good time to start any sort of crash diet. You might be losing valuable calories for baby and you could be missing out on important nutrition for your body's needs.

Focus on a healthy diet of no more than 1800 calories and no less than 1500 (unless your doctor states otherwise) and drink plenty of fluids. It's wise to drink a glass of water at each nursing session to prevent dehydration.

Weight loss while breastfeeding is a healthy way to lose that extra baby weight.

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