Always Warm Up Before Exercise

Nowadays regular exercise is a part of many people’s lives. This is an excellent way to stay healthy and toned. But if warming up is not a part of the routine the consequences can be painful.

To understand how warming up helps it is important to learn what happens when physical activity is initiated. One of the most important changes is an increased blood flow. This means that more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the body cells more quickly. Additionally, the rate of respiration increases.

The increases should be somewhat gradual and regulated in a steady pace to prepare the body for the physical stress that the exercise will demand. If this part of the exercise routine is skipped the body will not function as efficiently which means the workout will not produce the optimal results.

Not only does warming up prep the nervous system, it also helps to heighten mental awareness and alertness. A good warm up also helps to loosen up joints and muscles which makes them less prone to injuries. While a warm is essential to any exercise routine, it is absolutely vital for older individuals because their tissues are less supple, their joints have less fluid for cushioning, and in most cases, their hearts are somewhat weaker than a younger person’s.

The simple act of walking or jogging can be a perfect warm up. It’s best to start out with a slow gentle pace and then slowly build momentum. It is always important to consider one’s current fitness level – the idea is to exercise to a point of feeling energized, not exhausted. Usually after about 3 to 5 minutes a person will be ready to do some stretching.

The stretching routine should be consistent with the type of exercise one will be doing. In other words, the stretching should mimic the way the body will be moving during the workout. A word of caution; stretching should not include bouncing.

After a thorough warm up it is time to move on to the main workout. But it is also very important to remember to cool down after a workout. A sudden stop in exercise leaves blood gathering in the muscle and the oxygen supply to that area can be blocked. This can potentially result in serious outcomes.

There is no question that exercise should be a part of our lives – but if it is not done correctly the results can be devastating. In reality, the individual could suffer with painful joints and muscles, torn ligaments, or even something as serious as a heart attack.

Always include a warm up and stretching as the preliminary step to the main workout. Then be sure to follow up with a cool down. You will enjoy better health along with a toner body.


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