Allergy Medicine Guide

As reaction to certain substances in the food which you eat, mostly protein, your immune system produces antibodies which in turn may be the cause of an allergic reaction.

The first symptoms of allergy do not occur at the first occasion you are exposed to the allergen. In the beginning your immune system misidentifies allergens as being something that is not harmful to you. The first signals from your body influence the production of antibodies by your immunological system, which destroys these allergens. These antibodies are also known as IgE immunoglobulin E.

So the first exposure to the allergen will not cause the same symptoms as the second or subsequent exposure will. This means that when you have multiple exposers to the allergen, you may feel auto-reaction of your immune system with producing IgE antibodies. These antibodies are bonding to the allergen and after their first bonding they are circulating through the body and meeting with cell's types known as basil cells and mast cells. They are important factors in inflammation control and contain chemical substances known as histamine.

Connection of IgE antibodies and allergens that are attached with basil cells as well as with mast cells too, cause change in cell membranes, which is a cause of substance's leaking out into the surrounding tissues. A result of this is one of the most common symptoms of allergy which is called inflammation.

Every person is affected differently with allergies. So, there are people who may get food allergies, caused by food, or better said with substances contained in the food which they eat. But, there are and other allergies, so it may be that people get allergic reactions to things the air, which they are breathing, such as allergies from dust, mites, pollen or other. Reactions on each type of allergies present the same as food allergies.

The most common symptoms of allergy are:

• Problem with itchy or running nose
• Problem with watery and red eyes.
• Stuffy nose, or fits of sneezing.
• Pressure in the face, especially in areas of cheeks and nose.
• Problems with breathing
• Circles of darken color under the eyes.
• Skin rashes.
• Hive.
• Ear popping and fullness,
• In the worst situation anaphylaxis which can even lead to death.

The best solution for treating of allergy is to avoid the causes which are triggering it. This means that if you are, for example if you are allergic to wheat (Celiac Disease), you should to avoid wheat food or products that contain what. Also, if you are allergic to the dust mites, try to keep your house free of dust. Adding measures such as air filters may be required.

The majority of the people who are suffering from allergies find them in situations from time to time where they cannot avoid the factors that trigger their allergy. This is difficult and if you cannot avoid the situations then you may try allergy medicines. Here are few of them:

• Antihistamines, intended to reducing of runny nose, itchiness and sneezing
• Decongestants intended for stuffy nose
• Cromolyn sodium intended as prevention of allergies
• Nasal steroid sprays intended as help to reducing reaction of nasal tissues.
• Though are eye drops as help to the itchiness of the eyes.

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