Allergic Bronchitis: Understanding This Illness and Ways to Treat It

Today, there are millions of Americans suffering from different kinds of respiratory illnesses that can have a significant effect in the way they live their daily lives. Respiratory illnesses can vary from being acute and chronic. In acute cases, it is usually easy to treat and is only a short term illness. However, chronic conditions of respiratory illnesses are difficult to treat and can cause permanent damage to the respiratory system.

There are quite a lot of different kinds of respiratory illnesses. One such respiratory illness is called allergic bronchitis. This particular illness is a type of asthmatic condition where the bronchi and the lower airway of the respiratory system is inflamed by irritants and allergens. In allergic bronchitis, asthma and respiratory allergies are present. This can cause a condition called hay fever or allergic rhinitis.

Allergic bronchitis is also commonly called as allergic asthma. This particular condition is triggered by an overly active immune system that attacks harmless foreign substances that enters the body. The immune system identifies the foreign substance as dangerous and releases antibodies to fight the substance.

You have to consider that allergic bronchitis is very different from non-allergic bronchitis. In non-allergic bronchitis, the main causes of the illness are usually viruses or bacteria. However, in allergic bronchitis, the main causes are allergens. Allergic bronchitis can occur as long as the person affected by this condition is exposed to the allergens.

The symptoms of allergic bronchitis are shortness of breath, runny nose, red or swollen eyes, hyperventilation, rashes, tickling in throat, tight chest, persistent sneezing, coughing, headache, nausea, and other symptoms associated with asthma and allergies.

There are some cases where a person is overly sensitive to allergens and can be a very dangerous situation that needs medical assistance. However, most cases are only mild to moderate suffering. You have to realize the fact that allergic bronchitis can be a very dangerous condition. In fact, people with this condition have been hospitalized or died of suffocation caused by blocked airways because of severe swelling of the tissues found in the airway.

This is why it is important that you should be aware of this particular condition. Treating mild to moderate symptoms of allergic bronchitis can include taking anti histamine mediations and getting away from the allergen that caused the symptoms. It is very important that you should consult your physician immediately after you notice the mentioned signs and symptoms of allergic bronchitis. The physician may conduct some examination to determine what kind of allergen is causing the condition. They may perform some skin test where an allergen will be injected just below the skin to determine which allergen you are allergic from.

Allergic bronchitis can effectively be treated by having the right information about the disease and also being informed on what kind of allergen is causing the irritation. Your physician may also recommend you to an allergist where they will able to perform a series of test of the particular allergens that causes the irritation. The allergist will also advice you on the different methods to prevent the condition from happening again.

Normally, prevention of allergic bronchitis will include staying away from the allergens that causes the condition. You have to consider that allergic bronchitis may worsen during the summer months as there will be a lot of allergens available. You also have to know that pets, such as cats and dogs can also have allergens in their furs. This is why it is important that you should bathe your pet frequently to wash off the allergens caught in the fur.

Allergic bronchitis can be easily managed. However, you should consider the fact that if you have this condition, you should always be careful as it can be dangerous. Also, you need to consider that you should always take some anti histamine medications with you wherever you go out. You will never know when and where you will come across an allergen that can trigger the symptoms of allergic bronchitis.

By carefully managing allergic bronchitis, you will be able to live a normal and productive life. Learn more about this condition by visiting your local allergist or your physician and ask them about it. You can be sure that they will provide you with all the information you need about allergic bronchitis.

Acute Bronchitis: Knowing About the Different Signs and Symptoms

There are quite a lot of people living today who are suffering from different kinds of respiratory illnesses. You have to consider that your respiratory health is one of the most important factors that you should consider. Many people have been disabled by chronic respiratory illnesses where the main cause is that they tend to neglect early signs and symptoms of the disease when it develops and becomes severe.

One kind of disease that is commonly neglected by people is called bronchitis. This particular disease is common in infants and children where their immune system is still at the developing stages. Tobacco smokers and people living in areas where there is a high level of air pollution is also commonly affected by bronchitis. Acute bronchitis is a respiratory illness where the bronchial tree is infected by either a virus or bacteria or in rare cases, fungus. 95% of acute bronchitis is caused by viral infection where no special treatment is necessary.

The treatment for acute bronchitis that is caused by viral infection only consists of getting a lot of rest, drinking a lot of water or juices during the duration of the infection. In bacterial infection, antibiotics are usually needed along with the basic treatments. If it is possible, it is recommended that the humidity in the house should be increased by using room humidifiers or by placing wet towels and blankets around the house.

Acute bronchitis, if properly treated, can last up to 10 to 12 days only and are usually followed by flu or cold. Sometimes, coughing can last for two to three weeks or during the duration of the healing process of the bronchioles. However, if the cough still persists, it is recommended that you should consult your physician immediately because there may be other conditions that is affecting your body.

If acute bronchitis is left untreated, it can develop into chronic bronchitis where the disease can remain in long duration that can last up to 3 months to 2 years. Chronic bronchitis has permanent damages into your respiratory system. This is why it is important that you should know all about bronchitis and the signs and symptoms associated with it. If you neglect the signs and symptoms of acute bronchitis, it will develop into chronic bronchitis that can cause permanent damage in your respiratory system and can interfere with your normal movements and activities.

The signs and symptoms associated with acute bronchitis will include shortness of breath, mild pain on chest, mild case of fever, persistent coughing with mucus, chills, tightness in the chest, wheezing, and headache. As you can see, the symptoms associated with acute bronchitis have similar symptoms associated with the common cold disease. This is why it is important that if you experience the mentioned signs and symptoms, you should immediately consult your physician about it.

They will conduct a series of test that will include physical examination by listening to your breathing through a stethoscope and chest X-rays. Laboratory tests will also include examination of your mucus to determine whether you have acute bronchitis caused by virus, bacteria, or fungus infection.

During the recovery phase in acute bronchitis, it is important that you should stop smoking if you are a smoker, or avoid inhaling cigarette or tobacco smoke blown by smokers. It is also recommended that you should install air purifiers inside your home in order to breathe clean air.

Acute bronchitis is also easy to prevent. By constantly washing your hands and by quitting smoking, you will be able to maintain your respiratory health and avoid getting infected by viruses and bacteria that causes acute bronchitis.

Always remember that acute bronchitis is treatable. As soon as the signs and symptoms show up, you should consult your doctor about it. You have to consider that it may not be a simple cold that you are suffering from but acute bronchitis.

By taking the necessary precautions and by knowing about the signs and symptoms of acute bronchitis, you will be able to prevent it from getting worse and let it develop into chronic bronchitis. By effectively managing the illness and with the proper treatment, you can be sure that you will never have to suffer from chronic bronchitis.

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How to treat it
by: J.l.nanda

Allergic bronchitis for last 40 years can it be fully the morning there is shortness of breath and as soon mucus come out i am fine

chronic bronchitis
by: Wilson Paulose

I am suffering from chronic bronchitis since last 3 years .alopathy homeopathy tried yet not cured .what can I do next

allergic bronchitis doesn't have to be chronic!
by: mavourneen

I get allergic bronchitis every October. It starts with sneezing, then scratchy thoat, then coughing and chest tightness. It is usually gone in 10 days, but I have to work at it.

I take Liposomal Vitamin C every few hours (available on Amazon). I use my neti pot several times a day with a saline powder and Alkalol.

I use mucinex to thin the mucous. And when I have to cough, I try to make it productive, i.e, to bring the mucous up that is heading for my lungs.

Next year I will be proactive and start bolstering my system on October 1. There are some great allergy fighting remedies in your health food store.

great knowledge
by: water india ro

This site provided me valuable information about the bronchiti. I am also a acute bronchitis patient.
And I found the informations very useful in order to improve my health. .
Harsh hire
Water india R.O.

chronic bronquitis or allergy ?
by: Anonymous

My mom is 75 Y/O she has chronic cough for about 5 years that is exhacerbated by almost anything from cold water,dust weather,chemicals, cetain smells etc. she has been treated as asthma with different types of inhalers, now the last pulmonologist said is not asthma but is it sinus post nasal drip, I know that can cause cough but what about all the other mentioned irritants and when she gets real bad she gets shortness of breath. the cough also gets exacerbated when she eats and when she talks. Please help me understand her condition

Allergic Bronchitis or Child Asthama
by: Prashant

Sir my son Aditya 2 Yr old and he is suffering from child asthama. He is every Month suffer to asthama atack like coughing and runny nose sneez.

Dr prescribed inhelar BUDECART and Livoline for 2 month and juvetra for alergy for 6 Month.

When attack on peack dr take injection. Please advice me hw can i do for my little baby.
Thanking you.

Allergic Bronchitis
by: Anonymous

My Dr., just diagnos me with allergic bronchitis. He prescribed an inhaler & methyprednisolone (which is a steroid). Has anyone taken this kind of medications and it worked? Please let me know.

Allergic Bronchitis from four years and more
by: Anonymous

i am suffering from this problem from last four years but it happens only in winter season. I went to doc and he found bronchitis problem. i have tried many madicine so far bur no relief, pleas help me to get rid off from this problem

by: Anonymous

Bronchitis occurs when there is an inflammation of the windpipe and airways inside the lungs. These air passages get infected or irritated and the mucus lining gets swollen. For More info. visit

Acute Bronchitis or Allegeric Brochitis
by: Rob

I don't really know if what I have.
I thought I had a cold for 5 days and then all
of a sudden I had this pain my chest like
some shot me there.
I couldn't breathe deeply and when I stoup
over then I could feel a real pain there.
Then I coughed up blood with my muccous spit.
I am taking anitbotics and probotics with lots
of rest and liquids. I think it might be an
allergy to nuts and nut butter that I have been
eating a lot.
I am better, but never say my mucous have so much blood and my breathing is better.
Let me know.

rhino bronchitis allergy
by: joshua mklal

iam joshua mklal ive been suffering from rhino bronchitis allergy since 2010 i did several allergy test x-ray, ct scan of chest skin allergy test blood allergy etc test infact consult different chest physician in delhi and take different medication prescribed by doctors but i didnt get any relieved i cannot sleep and even drink normal water perhaps i have difficulties in breathing this inflamation of rhino bronchitis is preety active continious white and black color of mucus comes out from my throat the fact that i put a lot of efforts i have a tough time with this disease help me doctors is this a cancer

Homeo medicines for allergic bronchites.
by: P Kumar

HI, Homeopathic medicines are very effective in allergic bronchites. Just try. No adverse effects only additional benefits.

aiiergic viral bronchitis
by: Anonymous

i am a physiotherapist.45 yrs old.rarely i fall sick .

2 weeks back body pain came followed by cold fever.know case of food allergie 1 yr.

3rd dr diagnosed as viral bronchitis .

given steroid 5 dsys and strong antiboitics with 3 weeks rest.

what is the permanent remedi any vacination available .

alternate medicine which is best.any particular dr good to teat this.

Cough etc

Hi... I have a condition from i was probably in class 8.

I get this allergy from time to time where I get watery eyes and a runny nose and I keep sneezing and it is miserable for me.

This usually happens in the rainy season and for the past 2 years i have been taking tablet montair lc and flomist spray.

These medicines seem to help. This year just when the rainy season was getting over i developed a cough and it did not seem to go away...

So i went to many doctors...One gave me montair lc, defcort 6(steroid, some liquid (macberry xt)...then another doc gave me lukatos 3D and macberry xt and Airtec FF inhailer..

this seemed to have curbed it for a few days but it came back a little..then yet another doc added defcort 6 to all this for 10 days...but it seems that all this line of treatment has not really had any effect..

the cough is still there...i even had a pft...lung test where u blow into a machine to test the capacity of the lungs which was normal...

even while i walk or exercise I am shortness of breath or anything like that..

It is just that i get a feeling like one gets when water goes into your lungs sometimes while drinking water and the cough that results from that...

It is just very irritating and always on my mind...Can someone help me in this regard as I am not getting a solution to my problem in spite of checking with all doctors.

If someone has a solution to all this please mail me...My mailing address it mentioned right on top and i will mention it once again below.

Bronchitis in kids and pet dogs
by: Anonymous

Do pets dogs increase bronchitis attacks for children?

by: Dr. Prasad

I am silent sufferer of allergic bronchitis. Before 10yrs.

I observed chronic cough and diagnosed as chronic bronchitis, got treated and became symptom free.

Again after few years I developed repeated sneezing, cough with sticky sputum and weakness.

Then it was diagnosed as allergic bronchitis. Now I am under treatment with H2 blocker , anti allergic and foracort rotacaps and feeling better.






very good information
by: anil

this is a bull's eye information. many thanks to the author

by: Anonymous

ma chic wants 2 stay away coz she heard ts contagious

Allergic bronchitis
by: Rajeev

this information is very useful.. so thanx for the people who are maintaining this site.

Ayurvedic medicene
by: Anonymous

to get fast relife try Ayurvedic medicene


by: preeti

i got this allergic bronchi. 8 yrs back in b'lore. usual cough medicines dint worked n then i was diagnosed for allergic bronch.

but after the use of inhakers my life totally gave the best relief then any med. its totally safe to use.

luckily i got a chance to change my living location n i shifted to another city which helped me to recover and now i get this allergy only in rainy seasons.

so the best way is to go away from the enviornment that causes allergy.

Dry Coughing
by: abhishek

my mother is 66 years of age and she has been having this dry coughing thing for since she was 25.

We've been to the doctors and nothing negative has come out in the reports.

The doctor is however did suggest bronchitis. Her coughing is totally dry and it is much heavier in the night and nothing seems to sooth her. Request help.


Alergic bronchitis
by: TaranandaAnonymous

I also suffer from this allergy.

Dr has suggested to use the asthma inhaler.

While I am going to try this ,my worry is whether I am going to get in to habit of this inhaler?

Can some one suggest me on this.

allergic bronchitis
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the info Mr. Warren. I have had allergic bronchitis since I was 11 so I didn't know to much about how to get rid of it.

I always took something called delsym (I don't think I spelled that right).

It always worked however,I wanted to it harmful if your pregnant (to the baby)? And what would be the best thing to take then?

Allergic response to public water
by: Anonymous


This sounds like a problem that will have to be addressed before you lose all support from the available medications.

Once you have the infection in your lungs then there is probably little you can do without support from antibiotics.

They key, of course is to prevent the problem but you will already be watching the water you drink.

You will need to then look at strengthening your immune system so that it is better able to handle the assault of the water when you accidentally drink it.

Traditional herbs like Echinacea and Ginseng are useful in building your immune system, provided you find good quality products and you use them consistently.

A stronger support is to get on the Herbalife nutrition products, especially the formula 1 amino-protein powder and best supported with the multivitamin tablets.

These are the products that are famous for weight loss and people use them to replace meals so they drop their calorie intake and trim down.

They also give the full spectrum nutrition that your body needs to stay strong. Personally i am over 50 now and have used products not for weight control but for general health for a very long time.

When I have full blood profiles done they tell me they would be very good results for people half my age and they are amazed that someone my age has blood like that.

I find that people with asthma who use those products generally, within about 2 weeks, find that the asthma improves and in most cases it seems to significantly reduce.

I believe that this is not because the Herbalife products cure asthma. Herbalife definitely do not say that. What I believe we are seeing is that the body immune system is better able to handle the environmental conditions and the asthma does not trigger.

This sounds like where you should be looking. Build your health and wellness so that your body is better able to fight off the effects of the occasional intake of public water.

Hope this is useful in your search.

The Health Success Site

Respiratory Allergic
by: Anonymous

i am 40yrs now, since my 15yrs of age i strugling with respiratory allergic problems, it happends 2 or 3 times yearly when i drink the public line water unexpectedly.

it goes long upto 3 weeks, only antibiotic and anti allergic medicine only can give relieves me from the strugles,

if anybody knows about any natural treatment, i mean herbal or any other way to treat it,

kindly send me information about, becoze i loses my imune efficiency by continues consumption of anitibiotic nd histamic drugs.

by: Anonymous

i am 40yrs now, since my 15yrs of age i strugling with respiratory allergic problems, it happends 2 or 3 times yearly when i drink the public line water unexpectedly.

it goes long upto 3 weeks, only antibiotic and anti allergic medicine only can give relieves me from the strugles, if anybody knows about any natural treatment, i mean herbal or any other way to treat it, kindly send me information about, becoze i loses my imune efficiency by continues consumption of anitibiotic nd histamic drugs.

by: pravesh

thanxs.... For providing such type of nice information.

allergic bronchites
by: yitbarek

I am allergic with coldness I have yellow spotum during coughing

by: Anonymous

Do I need to stay away from my pet dogs if I show symptoms of allergic bronchitis?

Good info
by: satya

Thank you very much for such a simple and nice article on Bronchitis

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