Acid Reflux Tips

There are some Herbal heartburn remedies that have been known and used for quite some time now. The three most commonly used herbal remedies are chamomile, which is botanically known as Matricaria Recutita. Peppermint which is also botanically known as Mentha Piperita and Ginger that is botanically known as Zingiber Officinale.

These three herbal heartburn remedies fall into a group of herbs
that are described by the General Nutrition Center as
"carminative". They all have the ability to relieve indigestion and ease irritation that occurs in the intestines. The herb chamomile is traditionally recognized for its calming properties. As chamomile has a high calcium content it has the ability to
decrease stomach acid. Therefore chamomile is thought to help ease esophageal irritation and help with proper digestion.

Ginger has been used traditionally for dealing with many different gastrointestinal (stomach) problems. Ginger also has some anti-inflammatory as well as anti-nausea properties. Both these actions of ginger give relief to heartburn sufferers. There is one other action that ginger is widely known for. Ginger is a very good herbal heartburn remedy as it aids in the proper digestion process by promoting spontaneous intestinal movement.

Peppermint is also thought to have healing properties against indigestion. Peppermint also has the additional property of
calming the stomach. A study that was done of peppermint in combination with the caraway fruit found that they have the same ease of relieving the symptoms of heartburn as Chamomile and Ginger do.

The General Nutrition Center has suggested that herbs that have a “bitter digestive stimulant” property might be used as well.
They believe that theses herbs may produce natural digestive enzymes. Herbs like blessed thistle are advocated in the hopes that they will alleviate heartburn. As there is no clear way of knowing their effects, blessed thistle and other such herbs are
not as universally recommended.

Whereas chamomile, ginger and peppermint are known and recognized for their potential as a herbal heartburn remedy. As with all medications, you should consult a doctor before you begin using any sort of herbal remedy. This way you can take care that the herbal heartburn remedy will not conflict with your
other ongoing medicational treatments.

So, if you want to go ‘chemical free’ in your quest to find your heartburn cure, then I suggest you go about finding your own herbal heartburn remedy now. After all there’s time like the present!

Simple tips to Improve Digestion

Chew your food well. This may sound simplistic, but your stomach doesn't have teeth, and the more thoroughly you chew, the easier it is for your body to access nutrients from the foods that you eat. A good rule of thumb is to chew every mouthful of food until it is thoroughly pulverized.

Drinking large amounts of fluids with meals can interfere with digestion and cause bloating, but sipping a small amount of liquid with your meal can enhance digestive function.

Avoid eating when you are emotionally tense, because stress shuts down digestive processes.Make it a habit to take a couple of minutes to relax and slow down before eating.

Take a couple of deep breaths, give your full attention to the food you are about to eat, and express your gratitude in whatever way feels comfortable to you for the nourishment you are about to receive.

Surgery for Acid Reflux - Video Introduction

What is Heartburn - Video Introduction

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