A question about my dreams

My dreams are very vivid and they rarely go away during the day. The stay in my memory for ever.

I have dreams where pets I had as a child are not only there for me, they speak to me. I dream of people I have never met.

I don't recognizine them while I'm asleep or after I wake up. Lately, I have dreams when people say things to me I don't understand.

I am sure that ever thing I dream I make up, so why do these people, aninmals, that I have known, do know now, or have never know say things I can't make sense of. It's all me.

How can they tell me things that don't make any sense to me?

The words, and structure are completely coherent, but I keep telling them I don't know what the mean!

Also, I talk out loud, make physical gestures (a lot) and wake up everyone in the house! And sometimes I know, but it never interrupts my sleep.

I sleep great and well. I sleep like I did as a kid, for 10 to 16 hours a day if I have the time.



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