A Guide In Coping With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

People who have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome are both blessed and cursed. For the most parts, they are relieved by an explanation regarding the sudden plunge in their health. However, they are also cursed by the fact that there is nothing much they can do about it because the cure for CFS is yet to be discovered.

Nonetheless, there are medications, therapies and self-care techniques that a person can undergo which can help substantially in relieving the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. Here are some suggestions.

Handle your sickness and do not let it handle you – Chronic disorders and illnesses often demand a lot from patients in order for them to control the symptoms. However, the best course of action is to always take the hand in controlling the disorder.

If you have spent months or years suffering from this syndrome, it is likely that you have developed a sense of helpless and defeat against the disorder. But this must not be the case. Gain back control and know how to handle the disorder.

Look for simple but effective solutions – Not all CFS treatment may work for you. This is because while there is a general clinical definition of the disorder, there are various levels of severity whereby it occurs.

So if you think your prescribed medications are not doing you much good, pass and try to look elsewhere for symptoms relief. There is a host of treatment and therapies you can use which oftentimes go beyond conventional medicine.

Try to look for those. Consult herbalists and alternative medicine therapists and seek treatments that will help your disorder. Ask your doctor about supplements instead of antibiotics and pain relievers.

Go to a psychologist and ask whether there are therapies you can undergo to facilitate better coping with your illness. Don’t be limited by pharmacological treatments, experiment on various options and pick some that provide you the most benefits.

Take lessons from each day – With chronic fatigue, you are lucky if you don't feel sick for one day. So for the most parts, you can take note of your symptoms and your responses to treatments and therapies. It is important to keep a journal of your daily experience as this can help guide you on how to better manage your disorder.

Take charge of your healthcare – Take an active role in facilitating the delivery of healthcare services for yourself. If what your doctor gives you does not work, find someone else. Don’t be afraid to get second or third opinion from doctors who are expert in immune system dysfunction. If you don’t respond well to conventional medicine, find other treatments.

Move your body – For most patients, the idea of doing some physical activities is not only impossible but unthinkable. Nonetheless, recent studies have shown that minor physical activities pick up one's energy and health so try undergoing exercise programs.

Try graded exercise therapy, for example. According to recent studies, this therapy improves the physical energy and capacity of an individual with chronic fatigue syndrome.

While it is of course hard for the first few months, first few years even, it is always worth the effort. Eventually, with a little activity done each day, the body will regain the strength and vigor that once were available prior to the onset of chronic fatigue.

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