7 Strategies for Making Mindfulness a Way of Life

Mindfulness is a popular subject these days. While there are many proponents of mindfulness extolling its many virtues, there’s a lack of information on how to make mindfulness a part of your life.

Mindfulness is a skill and a way of life. It’s one thing to learn the skill. It’s another to make it part of your life. For example, you can know how to read without being a “reader.”

Take advantage of these ideas to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life:

1. Start your day with mindfulness. If you want to make mindfulness a habit, it’s important to practice being mindful throughout the day.

◦ Begin your day with mindfulness before you even get out of bed. Notice all the physical sensations of your body. Do you have any aches or pains? What part of your body feels the most pressure on your bed?

◦ See how long you can lie still before your thoughts drift to something other than your body or your immediate surroundings.

2. Be mindful of your body. Continue to be mindful of your body throughout the remainder of the day. This is a great way to anchor your attention to the present. When you find your attention wandering, put your focus on your breath. Or notice the parts of your body that are touching the floor. Are you hot or cold?

3. Use routine activities to hone your mindfulness skills. One of the best ways to create a mindfulness habit is to be mindful during your daily tasks. This includes things like brushing your teeth, using the restroom, showering, driving, mowing the grass, and so on.

◦ Eating. Be especially mindful during eating. Chew your food slowly and be fully aware of how your food tastes and smells.

◦ Conversing. Give your full attention to your conversations and the other people involved. Are you listening with your full awareness, or are you impatiently waiting to speak again?

4. Use music as mindfulness practice. Listening to music is another great opportunity to practice mindfulness with your sense of hearing. Try to identify each instrument in the song. See how well you can keep your focus on the music instead of allowing other thoughts to intrude.

5. Ride out cravings. When you suddenly have an urge to do or eat something you know you shouldn’t, resist that urge. Notice your thoughts and body sensations. Keep your attention on them until they fade away. It happens quicker than you think.

◦ This can be helpful when you have the urge to eat unhealthy food or text your ex.

6. Put your phone away. Your smartphone can be a huge distraction and obstacle to mindfulness. Avoid checking your email or social media accounts until a suitable time. This is another opportunity to ride out your urges, too.

◦ Do a little experiment and see how long you can go without checking your phone. See how long you can go without thinking about your phone. You might be surprised by the results.

7. Set a reminder. A timer can be an effective way of cueing you to be mindful. When the timer alerts you, remind yourself to be mindful and immediately practice mindfulness. Refocus your attention on whatever you’re doing at that moment.

Mindfulness is a wonderful thing. It can relieve stress, increase enjoyment, increase productivity, reduce anxiety, and help you to build a more accurate view of the world.

Knowing how to be mindful isn’t enough. You have to make it a habit that you rely on throughout the day. Make mindfulness a part of your life and watch the transformation.

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13 Bedtime Rituals That Encourage Mindfulness

When you were little, you probably had bedtime rituals that helped you go to sleep. Maybe your parents told you to put on your pajamas and brush your teeth. Maybe they read you one last story and checked under your bed for monsters.

As an adult, you’re more likely to be thinking about your job and monthly bills rather than monsters, but you can invent your own late-night practices to ensure you get the rest you need.

Consider these ideas for 13 bedtime rituals that encourage mindfulness and peaceful dreams.

Bedtime Rituals for Your Body:

1. Slow down. Are you still thinking about work and rushing through housework up until you go to bed? Give yourself some downtime in the evening and move at a more leisurely pace.

2. Dim the lights. When your eyes are looking at bright screens on your phone and TV, your brain is getting stimulated too. Shut down electronic devices at least two hours before bed. Darken your bedroom as well.

3. Read a book. Now that you’re offline, try catching up on your reading. Visit your local library to browse the fiction or history shelves. If you prefer an electronic reader, turn the brightness down and use an app or filter to block blue light.

4. Breathe deeply. Your breathing can help you manage your emotions. Do exercises that help you focus on inhaling from your abdomen instead of your chest. Diaphragmatic breathing triggers a relaxation response throughout your body. Lengthening your exhalations also reduces stress.

5. Eat something light. If you’re distracted by hunger pangs, have a small snack. Pick something that combines a little protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fat.

6. Squeeze your muscles. Progressive muscle relaxation is a proven method for settling down to sleep. Work your way down from head to foot as you tense and relax your muscles in one area at a time.

Bedtime Rituals for Your Mind:

1. Write it down. Perform a nightly mental dump. Make a list of nagging thoughts, urgent errands, and personal goals. Once you put it on paper, you can forget about it for the night knowing that you have a reminder waiting for you.

2. Count backwards. Counting sheep sometimes works because it’s boring. However, if you find yourself lingering over cute images of sheep, switch to plain numbers and work back from 100.

3. Play a game. If you want something restful but a little more fun, use a simple mental word game. Choose a five-letter word and name an item that starts with each letter.

4. Listen to music. Music can have a powerful effect on your mood. Play a classic lullaby or soft jazz tunes.

5. Hide your clock. Staring at your clock can make you anxious about how many hours you have left before you need to leave for work. Turn the display towards the wall or put your clock on a shelf above your head.

6. Take a break. If you’re tossing and turning for more than half an hour, you might benefit from getting up and going to another room until you’re drowsier. Keep the TV off and do something tedious like organizing your sock drawer.

7. Meditate and visualize. On the other hand, it works to your advantage if you can stay in bed without feeling anxious about being awake. Use the time to meditate, pray, or enjoy pleasant imagery. You may fall asleep or at least still your mind.

Having a consistent bedtime routine can help you overcome intrusive thoughts and relax your body and mind.

Adopt habits that make it easier for you to regain mindfulness after a busy day and enjoy a full night of high-quality sleep.

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