6 Options To Consider When Looking To Cure Excessive Underarm Sweating

Excessive sweating can happen to anyone at any time. While there are several places throughout the body that are prone to sweat, underarms tend to create the most due to the fact that there are two sweat glands. Instead of putting up with the condition and embarrassingly hiding your armpits, here are six options to consider when looking to cure excessive underarm sweating.

1. Watch what you eat
Those who are overweight often times develop a sweat problem more than those who are fit. Unfortunately, even if your weight is at a reasonable amount your diet can still effect how much you sweat. Always avoid spicy foods if you can and stick to fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products and fish.

2. Water! Water! Water!
You can never drink too much water when looking to cure excessive underarm sweating. You should be drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. Something that many do not realize is drinking ice cold water can actually lead to sweating more. The reason for this is because the body works to maintain a constant body temperature. By drinking ice cold water, the body will heat up to get back to the normal temperature. For this reason, stick to room temperature water.

3. Hot green tea
This sounds weird considering the fact that the last point was to avoid ice cold water. However, it will actually have the opposite effect as soon as the tea hits your stomach. The heat will signal your brain to cool down thus preventing further sweat from developing. In addition, green tea will help eliminate toxins that can actually cause you to sweat.

4. Limit your alcohol intake
As you look to cure excessive underarm sweating try to limit your alcohol intake. Alcohol is going to increase your blood flow and heart rate thus raising your body temperature. As you might expect, an increase in body temperature will lead to sweat. Alcohol also dilates the vessels in your skin which contributes to the build up of sweat.

5. Oral hyperhidrosis treatment
Oral hyperhidrosis treatments do require a prescription, but they can be highly effective. This is a terrific way to eliminate excessive sweating you may be experiencing with your armpits. Just know that patience is crucial as you are not going to see an overnight change.

6. See a doctor
If you have tried out several different methods to cure excessive underarm sweating and have had no luck, it may be time to see a doctor. There is a chance it could be a more serious problem that has to do with your nervous system. For this reason, do the smart thing and seek advice from a professional to put an end to your ongoing problem.

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