5 Snacks that are Good for You

Taking off some weight is a goal that almost everyone has right now. The holidays and long winters that most of us endure also add some pounds that need to be removed.

When you are trying to take off a few pounds, you must eat regularly to "fuel the furnace". To put it another way, eating small meals throughout the day helps to keep the "furnace" of your digestion and metabolism going strong and enables you to use the fat in your body rather than protein to fuel your body. Think of the old coal furnaces that had to be tended by adding fuel and not letting the fire die out. If the furnace went out, then it took a long time to get the temperature back up to a comfortable level and to enable the furnace to do its job. The body is the same by needing constant help to burn off the fat and to create a situation whereby your body has all the nutrients necessary.

An important part of keeping your body fueled is to snack. Yes, snacking is not unhealthy if you eat the proper foods. Do not attempt to eat sugary or high carbohydrate foods and expect to change your weight. What you are looking for are foods that add some interest, some energy, and some protein to your diet.

Snacking on apple slices with some peanut butter is an effective method to keeping your body burning fat. Do not over indulge in the peanut butter, but a little bit on the apple slice is fine.

Eating blueberries, strawberries, or maybe some pieces of cantaloupe also will help out with sugar cravings. These natural fruits do have sugar but the body metabolizes these in this natural state. The high fructose, highly processed sugars in many processed snack foods are like a poison to the healthy state of the body.

Having some soy chips can be an effective way to add protein to your diet without sacrificing taste. These also help to satisfy the need for a food that is crunchy while providing good quality protein to fuel your body.

Another healthy snack could be yogurt, but do not get the kind that has the fruit that you stir up from the bottom. Most of this fruit is just preserves that are loaded with sugar. Look for the varieties that have natural bacteria.

The last recommendation for a healthy snack is to eat some cubes of cheese. These can be taken along with you in a small bag and eaten throughout the day when the energy level goes down. There are many kinds of healthy cheeses that add protein and taste great for a quick pick up.

If you are able to keep the furnace fires going, you will drop some pounds and not feel deprived at all while maintaining a healthy weight. Snacking is an important part of this program and just a little preparation in advance will keep you from reaching for those french fries or fatty burger. Your body will reward you by dropping those unnecessary pounds and you will feel more energetic and be able to ward off sickness much better. Keeping healthy is worth the effort.

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