5 Simple Steps To Prevent Pneumonia

Pneumonia is one of the most common diseases that infect man. And if neglected, it can be fatal. Pneumonia is caused by many factors but the most common are due to bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Due to that, there are also many types of pneumonia which results in people of every age group and society being subject to some type of the ailment.

However, there are certain age groups which are more prone to pneumonia because of their low immune system. Those groups belong to the very young ones and the very old ones.

While it is true the certain age groups are of high risk in becoming infected with pneumonia, still all of us must be vigilant about this illness because there are so many different types. We may find that we are somewhat immune from one type but not others.

Thus, it is important to know the different ways on how we can be healthy and work at preventing this disease. The following are a few tips that will be helpful in avoiding pneumonia.

1. Keep Yourself Clean.
By keeping yourself clean, you are avoiding the spread of germs and bacteria, thus avoiding promoting pneumonia.

In addition to that, washing the hands before and after eating as well as after being outside will be helpful in preventing the spread of viruses that may carry pneumonia.

2. Eat Healthy.
Eating foods that are rich in antioxidants will be a great move in preventing pneumonia since antioxidants are a good tool in cleansing the body. Thus, it is recommended to include fruits and vegetables on the daily diet.

Fruits that are fresh and are in dark color such as cranberries, blueberries, pomegranates and eggplants are much preferred.

3. Exercise.
Cardiovascular exercises are good in improving the heart condition as well as the lungs. Thus, engaging in this kind of exercises will also help in improving the capacity of the lungs.

Having healthy lungs helps prevent pneumonia. For that reason, having a brisk walking, running, jogging, swimming and even aerobics will be beneficial for you.

4. Quit Smoking.
Tobacco smoking can damage the lungs as well as the body’s ability to fight the infection (and others).

5. Vaccinate!
You should be aware that there is already a vaccination against pneumonia for children and there are proofs relating to the effectiveness of this inoculation. For that reason, asking your doctor about the vaccination will be the best course of action.

Also remember that since babies and seniors are more prone to pneumonia than any other age group, it is best to learn when and how often persons in these age groups should be vaccinated. For infants, the vaccination should be given while they are below two years of age and no earlier than the age of two months.

In addition, a booster dose must be given after 12 to 15 months in order to complete the process of vaccination. For adults aged 65 and over, anti-pneumonia vaccines should be given, and the vaccine is recommended for anyone with a lowered immune system.

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