5 Healthy Aging Facts

The first priority for you to have healthy aging is to start as early as you can: do enough exercise, have good nutrition, control your weight, look after your personal life with friends and family so that you only need to finetune what you do as you age.

As we older though it’s important to understand healthy aging facts so that you can continue to have the vitality you’ve enjoyed.

Aging doesn’t mean giving up on independence and activities you enjoy. But you do need to begin to pay more attention to your health.

Part of aging is finding that the systems of your body don’t always perform as well as they once did. It’s important to pay attention to your body.

You’ll be the best person to determine if something is not quite right. Knowing your body well is a great first step toward healthy aging.

Healthy Aging Fact 1:

Your bones need some extra care during your senior years. As you age, calcium tends to leave the bones making them brittle. This increases your risk of broken bones and falls.

But by performing weight bearing exercises and increasing the calcium in your diet or adding a supplement.

Healthy Aging Fact2:

Your digestive system can slow down and become irregular as you age. This can be corrected my making sure you get adequate amounts of fiber each day.

Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can provide fiber. You may also need a fiber supplement.

Healthy Aging Fact 3:

Your skin changes as you age. Aging skin can become thinner and bruise more easily. It’s important to take care of the skin all over your body.

Making sure you get plenty of healthy oils and vitamin E can help. You should also protect your skin with lotion and appropriate clothing.

Healthy Aging Fact 4:

It’s critical that as you age you get the proper medical screening.

Talk with your doctor to determine when you should have a mammogram, PSA test, bone scan, colonoscopy, blood pressure screening, and general bloodwork.

Keeping on top of any medical conditions that appear early can give you better options when it comes to treatment.

Early detection of illnesses can keep you from having to deal with debilitating illnesses.

Healthy Aging Fact 5:

Your immune system changes as you age. If you’re not in the habit of getting your annual flu shot and pneumonia shot, the time to begin that is now.

Often health insurance provides these at no cost to you.

If you have to pay out of pocket, these vaccines are inexpensive. Taking the time to get these immunizations can keep you from developing the flu and pneumonia.

While you may not worry too much about these diseases, as you age they can become more severe.

When you’re aware of your body, keep up with screenings, and pay attention to your changing needs you can enjoy your senior years as much or more than any other season of your life.

Understanding healthy aging facts is the first step toward wellness.

The second step is to start now, today, with whatever small step you can take to do what you can do and to begin to move towards a healthier and happier future.

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