3 Degrees Of Cures For Excessive Sweating To Pay Attention To

As with any other type of medical condition, there are different degrees of severity with excessive sweating. While some may begin to sweat profusely under pressure or under a large amount of stress others sweat around the clock. In order to find appropriate cures for excessive sweating, you need to know the degree of severity you are facing.

The best way to determine what cure is ideal for you is to look at the symptoms. Symptoms can tell a lot about how severe your condition is and what actions you need to take to get rid of the problem. As soon as you begin to realize it is a problem, pay close attention to what you are feeling and experiencing.

Look at how often you find yourself sweating out of the ordinary. If you sweat in pressure situations or when you are stressed out, a simple prescription or over-the-counter antiperspirant may be all you need. However, if you are sweating day and night regardless of the situation, surgery may be in the plans.

In addition to sweating, take note of any other symptoms that go along with the condition. Do you ever get lightheaded or have headaches while sweating? Have you ever fainted, thrown up or felt queasy? All of these symptoms can factor into what type of cures for excessive sweating will work for you.

With that said, there really are three different degrees of cures for excessive sweating to focus on. The first level is an over-the-counter antiperspirant or prescribed antiperspirant at the most that will get the job done. This is the right option for someone with a mild problem that may begin to sweat here and there out of the ordinary.

The next degree takes it up a notch and includes Botox or Iontophoresis.

Botox was just recently approved by the FDA in the U.S. and includes injecting a small amount into the armpits. This has been proven to be extremely successful for several months down the road.

As for Iontophoresis, this entails you placing the effected area in tap water and mildly shocking the skin with direct electricity.

The last option to consider amongst the different cures for excessive sweating is surgery. Surgery should always be the last option regardless of the problem, but sometimes it is the only option that will actually deliver results.

The surgery for excessive sweating, also known as cervical sympathectomy, can get the job done but should be strictly for those battling a serious problem.

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