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Goal Setting For Success

Goal setting is one technique that directs your subconscious and conscious decisions to succeed. Goal setting strengthens your motivation to attain your business or personal goals. In general, this technique emerged from numerous practical experiences as well as psychology research.

Goal setting helps you decide or prioritize your desires. By knowing exactly what you desire to accomplish, you will have a better focus and concentrate your efforts. Furthermore, proper setting of goals can be extremely motivating. As it becomes a habit, you will discover that your self-esteem is turbo-charged.

Actually, people set goals when they plan what they want to achieve for the day, week or month. These include simple goals like clean the house, do the laundry, finish homework, etc. You make a decision on what you want to do, then discover what is needed to accomplish your goal. From there, you move into complex goals leading to your future.

Here are some goal setting guidelines:

1. Be accurate. You need to set an accurate goal and indicate specific time frame and resources required. Having measurable goals helps in measuring levels of achievement. Doing this will enable you to discover exactly when the goal has been achieved. Furthermore, this will motivate you on setting another goal.

2. Write down your goals. This ties them together and provides reinforcement.

3. Set only goals that are realistic. Take note that you only want to set achievable goals. Disappointment sets in if you set a very high goal and fail to reach it.

4. Set priorities. If you have numerous goals, then you need to number them according to importance. This will help you from feeling overwhelmed, direct your concentration to the most significant ones, and achieve goals one by one.

5. Keep goals manageable. Work on achievable and small goals. If your goal is too big, then it may appear daunting and difficult to achieve. Small and incremental goals provide more reward opportunities. Derive smaller goals from huge ones.

6. Set performance-type goals rather than outcome goals. Set goals wherein you have complete control of the situation.

It is very frustrating to be in situations not within your control. These include bad business surroundings, bad weather, poor judgements, or injury.

When you establish goals based on your personal capability, you can maintain control over your achievement.

7. Never set “low” goals. As it is vital not to establish unrealistic goals, also never set your goals “too low”.

People are inclined to set easy goals because they often fear failure. You must achieve balance in setting your goals. It should not be too low that it would not present a challenge or too high that it becomes unreachable.

Remember this: Goal setting is an important element in achieving success. Also, flexibility and persistence are needed in setting your goals.

When faced with unexpected problems and difficulties, use your determination and persistence to stick with your goals. However, you should also become flexible with your activities and objectives. If your strategies do not work, then try another means and keep on trying until you discover one that really works for you!


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