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The great part of being a Nutritional Consultant is that you get paid to get healthy, so the better your health, the better your cheques.

THE MOST IMPORTANT sales and marketing tool you will ever have is your own obvious and measurable health results when you take the products yourself.

It is often said among the top levels of leadership, that we are ‘paid to tell stories’! Your Health Success Story and those of your customers and Team members become your vehicle for a profitable business.


Be a walking, talking PRODUCT of the products.
The product is the foundation of your business
The more product you use, the bigger your result and the more product your clients will use.


If your weightloss testimonial, health testimonial is not impressive enough yet… use someone else’s… see your Journal or on this page to learn and memorize them – the testimonial stories should suit your level of interest.

Your Herbalife Business does not run on LOGIC, it will run on EMOTION (yours and other people’s testimonials) supported by facts and information.

‘Sell’ the testimonials of these people:
… the 3 best weight loss testimonials
… the 3 best health testimonials.
… the 3 best income testimonials.

If you want to improve your own personal testimonial UPGRADE to take more products to develop the testimonial faster.


You will want to create a very short version of your story, the “elevator pitch’ that is only a few seconds long, and a medium length story to tell in BOM sessions and on seminar stage… usually less than 2 minutes, and then you will want to craft your longer story, that details your results in health and income, that you use in discussions with prospects so that the power of your results is fully appreciated.

At the bottom of the page is a detailed process for crafting the short version of your story, called the “Elevator Speech” as it should be short enough to deliver in an elevator ride between a couple of floors.


Your results and the results of Herbalife Distributors are the key to a successful business.

1) Get your own result
2) Read and gather the results of others
3) Learn to tell your story well.

DATE: DAY………………..MONTH……………….YEAR……………………

HELLO, MY NAME IS:…………………………………………………………….

I LIVE IN TOWN/SUBURB/CITY: ………………………………………………..

I can’t believe since starting on the Herbalife Nutrition Program it has been incredible, I’ve:

Lost/Gained ………………………………kilos and

Lost / Gained ……………………………. Cm on my Chest and

Lost / Gained ………………………………cm on/off my Hips / Waist.

I have kept a diary recording of these changes and details are attached or set out in this form.

Some of the other benefits I’ve noticed are: (tick if YES)

[_] Increase in Stamina

[_] Increase in General Well-being

[_] Increase in Mental Alertness

[_] Photos included YES / NO

[_] other: please explain in 100 words or less









I have earned $ ………….. in the last 30 days part time / full time

I have earned $ ………….. in the last 60 days part time / full time

I have earned $ ………….. in the last 90 days part time / full time








Improved lifestyle:

Eg: Take family out to dinner / pay the bills / new car / holidays / fired the boss & work from home … please comment










“I started on the Cellular Nutrition programme to lose ten pounds in weight, which I did in fourteen days (2 weeks) I was told that Tang Kuei might help my muscles – I had been on Serepax for fifteen years for muscle spasm, and on several occasions in that time doctors gave me E.C.G.’s as they thought that I was suffering a heart attack. THE LAST E.C.G. was done one week prior to starting on Cellular Nutrition.

Since starting, my energy levels have gone ‘through the roof’ , I’m doing three times more physical work than I have for years, and most importantly the muscle spasm no longer occur! It’s unbelievable, I feel 20 yeas younger, my family life has improved, and now I can do all the things with my kids that I couldn’t do before, WITHOUT PAIN!”

“My dream with this business when I started was to earn $1,000 per week and be able to buy a brand new Mazda MX6 – Now this has come to fruition, and anything from now on is ‘icing on the cake’! I currently (and always have) only work this business 10-15 hours a week, and my income in the last 90 days was $10,000. The way my business is expanding it looks like my income will double in the next couple of months. After only 8 months in the business I’m a fully qualified GET team member.”

Contact Details

Writing The One Minute Elevator Speech

Elevators speeches are all the rage today. Everyone from clerics to corporate executives make use of this verbal tool. The essence of an elevator speech is to be able to articulate a complete concept quickly and succinctly in no more time it takes an elevator to navigate the distance between five or six floors without stopping.

Using an elevator speech approach to explain what your vision of Internet marketing means that with just a few sentences, you will convey the essentials along with your enthusiasm for the endeavor.

Here are a few tips on what to include in your elevator speech:

A good working definition in one simple sentence. This usually will be the first sentence in your elevator speech. Use this sentence to quickly alert the listener to the two or three specific points you will make about Internet marketing. In a sense, this first sentence will serve as your outline for the speech.

Address each point mentioned in that first sentence. Try to do so with no more than one to two sentences per point. This helps to keep things focused so you don’t wander off into diverse paths.

Explain why each point is important to Internet marketing. Again, do this with no more than a sentence or two. Doing so will force you to keep on track and make it easier for your listener to retain the information.

Keep in mind that a good elevator speech is not intended to be an exhaustive or comprehensive definition of the subject matter. However, the speech should contain enough data to entice the listener to want to know more. Often, an effective elevator speech will open the door for inviting the listener to learn more about Internet marketing – hopefully through your marketing program.

When used properly, the elevator speech can progress an individual from a lead to a prospect in a minute or less. That is a pretty good turnaround time for positioning yourself to earn new business.

Get Started on YOUR ‘Elevator Speech’.

Some people suggest your Elevator Speech should be between 30 – 45 SECONDS in length. Others say 20 seconds is OK.

But the goal is to say who you are and explain how you offer benefit and value – IN UNDER 10 SECONDS… THEN you want to get the other person to talk so that you can find out more about them, what they do and what they need, so that you can decide whether or not they are a prospect for your product or business.

Your Elevator Speech is a brief description of what you do. Not a long laundry list of each and everything you do. Most importantly, it describes the VALUE and the BENEFIT you offer to your customer. Your goal is to keep the other person interested and involved, to keep them from saying: “We’ve already got that taken care of” – or – “Good Bye”!

Crafting Your Elevator Speech

Creating your speech isn’t easy, it will take time, but its worth the effort because you will use it so many times every day, in many different ways like:

When you introduce yourself to people. Every time you meet someone new, you give them your five to ten second elevator speech.

When you’re speaking on the phone. You use your elevator speech to introduce yourself, and then ask some questions to discover if you have a business prospect.

When you leave a voice mail message. Talk of the benefits of the products and services that you offer, don’t just state your name and phone number.

On your outgoing voice mail message. When you record your outgoing message, use this as an opportunity to advertise and promote yourself. State who you are and what you do. Sell yourself to the caller, especially if you are using flyers and advertising with your phone number

On your business card, letterhead, resume or Bio. Shorten your elevator speech to under ten words and you can put it on all of your printed materials!

On your website. Use the same wording that’s on your business card.

In your email signature. Turn your email signature into an advertisement for you.

In your cover letters, marketing pieces, brochures and catalogs. You become your elevator speech, and it is you. Use it on everything you send out.

Things you do for your Customers:

Let’s begin by pulling out a piece of paper – or you ca use your word processor – and start writing down the things you do for your customers. Don’t think in terms of the products or services that you offer, but in terms of what your customer does with them once the have been purchased.

As you make this list, let your mind wander. Don’t be concerned about duplication. Don’t be concerned that some items may be more important than others. Just get them down on paper.


1. ______________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________

4. ______________________________________________

5. ______________________________________________

Why do people do business with you?

Think of why people do business with you. Think of how your products or services help your customer save time, cut costs, improve productivity, increase revenues, or give peace of mind. (and think about more than getting them healthy or slim eg: energy, productivity, enjoyment, attractiveness etc)


1. ______________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________

4. ______________________________________________

5. ______________________________________________

HERE are some examples:

Paul a banker, helps businesses get better returns on their money, provides money so they can purchase equipment, provides money so they can expand their business, offers cash management services that help automate the process of paying employees.

So Paul’s elevator speech could be:

“I help businesses become more successful by showing them how to get their money to better work for them”

Elaine, a real estate agent, helps people buy and sell their homes. Her elevator speech to a young couple that is looking to purchase their fist home and start a family could be something like:

“I help young couples find the house of their dreams”

Her elevator speech to a retired couple that is looking to sell their home could be something like:

“I help home owners get top dollar when they are ready to sell their homes”

Steve, a computer salesman, whose company sells networking services, new computer systems, disk storage solutions, and more, could use an elevator speech that said:

“I help companies get more out of their computer systems so their employees can be more productive and they can improve their customer service.”

Cheryl, who own an employment agency uses this elevator speech:

“I help companies find great employees”

Your elevator speech encourages conversation

It should be crafted in such a way that it encourages conversation. If you look at the previous examples, you’ll see that they are non-threatening.

They aren’t asking anyone to purchase anything, or if they use the product or service that is being sold, or if they do business with the competition, or if they could schedule an appointment, so the conversations MUST continue……!

Break your elevator speech into TWO PARTS

Once you’ve written your examples, break down your speech into two parts:

Part 1: This phrase describes what it is that you doe, ie: I help companies get more out of their computer systems.

Part 2: This phrase describes how the customer derives benefit from the product or service you sell ie: … so their employees can be more productive and they can improve their customer service.

Part 2 usually includes a phrase like ‘SO THAT..’ which is used as a connector between part 1 and part 2. Later on as you get more experienced, you may find you stop using the connector.

Write your elevator speech out

Write your speech out. Play with it. Read it out loud. Move the words around. See how the rhythm flows. Find words and phrases you are comfortable with.

Practice, practice, practice.

Once you have crafted your “Elevator Speech’ use it every day. Use it when you speak with people on the phone. Use it when you are introduced to people. Go out of your way to have conversations with total strangers, just to see how they react to yoru Elevator Speech.

Pay attention to how the other person responds and reacts when you explain who you are and what you do.

Are you able to engage them in conversation. Do they show an interest in you? Are you able to talk for more than 30 seconds? Sixty seconds? Two minutes? Five minutes?

Using your Elevator Speech

Its good to have multiple speeches for different product lines or kinds of prospects.

You will probably have a long and short version of your speech. It all depends upon whom you are speaking with, where you are, and what the subject may be. But it still shouldn’t go beyond 15 seconds.

Using your Elevator Speech at a Networking Event

Another place where you’ll be using your speech is when you are at a networking event. This could be at a business luncheon, a breakfast meeting, a cocktail party, a conference or convention, or standing in line at the grocery store.

Imagine you’re attending a business luncheon. Sooner or later one of you is going to ask the other ‘what do you do?”… this is your chance to use your speech. Once again, you don’t want to be the one who is doing all the talking. You want to control the conversation by asking questions.

Its not necessary for you to tell this person all about you. Your goal is to find out who he is and what he does. You want to discover if he is a prospect for any of your products or business opportunity.

You would be amazed at how much you can learn in three to five minutes if you’re the one asking the questions. And most importantly you must get his business card.


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Tips to Overcoming Stage Fright

The first thing you need to understand about stage fright is that it is not uncommon at all. Some of the greatest actors, politicians and other public figures known to society experience the phenomenon every time they get in front of an audience. In short, stage fright is a perfectly rational and human response to a social situation.

For most people, that initial level of anxiety quickly subsides once on stage and into the business at hand. However, if you find that your stage fright tends to linger, there are a few different tricks you can employ in order to help things along and focus on the business at hand.

First, remind yourself people do not die of stage fright. Second, when is the last time you personally knew someone fainting from stage fright? Chances are you don’t, in spite of what you see in the movies or have heard about from vague sources.

The truth is that the anxiety of stage fright is simply a little extra adrenalin coursing through your system. Your body is a wonderful device that knows how to shut down the adrenalin flow before there is too much. So realize that if you don’t feed the anxiety by thinking it will never end, your initial bout will be over in just a few minutes.

Second, forget about making a fool of yourself in front of other people. This is the foundation for most cases of stage fright. Remind yourself that you are prepared and you are a professional. You know how to do this right. Because you are in control, you will not embarrass yourself. Instead, people are expecting to learn something and will inn fact be very happy to be in your presence for the course of your time on stage.

Last, pick out a few people around the audience to address. While your remarks are intended for everyone present, identifying a few faces that seem to be especially welcoming will help to trick your brain into thinking in terms of having a conversation with just a handful of people – a much less anxious situation for most people.

As you calm down and get into the swing of your presentation, you will quickly find you are having that private conversation with more and more people.

One final word of advice – don’t dread stage fright. It is a useful tool that will help you to stay mentally alert and on top of things. That is why many stage actors get really nervous if they don’t experience stage fright before stepping onto the stage for the first time that night – they just know their relaxed attitude is going to lead to dropping a line or missing a cue.

So see your initial stage fright as your mind’s way of getting you ready to give the best presentation ever!

Public Speaking Skills for making Presentations Get the frog out of your throat and learn the skills needed to prepare and present like a professional

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