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Everywhere you look you see promises of diets to let you lose 5 kg FAST.

Often they work …… in the short term.

In the long term they work against you and they can be quiet dangerous.

These diets often lead to the phenomenon known as yo-yo dieting with weight going up and down in a very negative way.

Let’s look at this and try to get a broad picture of what’s going on here to brought us to a situation where there are more people who are overweight in the world today than there are people who are underweight. A world where obesity and excess weight has reached epidemic proportions in most developed countries.

Losing weight seems simple.

Many people believe it is just maths. Work out how many calories you burn in a day and then set a diet that gives you less calories than you burn and the difference is reflected directly into weight loss.

This seems to make sense but like most problems that are simplified into such an elegant and obvious solution it is often completely wrong.

There are a lot more factors working here than just calories ingested and calories burnt.

If, for example, someone has a personality problem that causes them to hide behind excess weight then nothing is going to help until they deal with the issues.

By the same token university studies have shown that in serious dieters their bodies will work against them in trying to protect their general wellness. Case studies have shown that for some people who were studied and who were eating a diet of just green vegetables their bodies have been able to metabolize the vegetables into body fat!!

This sounds incredible but the body is a very finely tuned and sophisticated machine and it can do amazing things, both with regard to weight and also with wellness and healing issues.

Once again we are seeing that the easy answer is probably not going to work in the long run!

Looking at the weight aspect it is hard to understand what to do if you cannot get an overall picture of how your body is working to protect you.

I once heard a world renowned intuitionalist, Dr David Katzin, talking in Australia and telling this story to help people understand it;

”Imagine an Australian aboriginal living a traditional life in the Australia bushland back before there was white settlement.

Then imagine that a drought has hit the country and with no rain the plants are not producing much fruit and the natural prey of the hunters have migrated looking for food.

The aboriginal begins to stave and his body realizes that if it does not take action to help protect itself then he is going to die.

The first protection is to slow down the metabolism. With a lower metabolic rate (the rate at which the body converts food and stored fats into energy) then the chap needs less nutritional intake to survive.

Of course the slow metabolic rate means that he is tired all the time, he just wants to sit around under a shady tree and rest.

Late in the day when it cools down a little he gets up and wanders around looking for game to hunt. He comes across a kangaroo and with a spurt of adrenaline to give him energy he chases and kills the kangaroo. He drags it back to his camp and they prepare the kangaroo, cook it and have a good meal.

The body knows though that this is just one meal and it may be a long time before there is another meal to eat so the body vigorously protects the calories the meal gives, converting as much as possible to body fat that it stores to get through to the next meal. With the slow metabolism the body is protecting the stored fat to do what it can to get its owner, the aboriginal through the drought.

When finally the rains come and things return to normal, the aboriginal chap has regular food again, then the body increases the metabolic rate, his energy returns and the body is actively working to not store unnecessary fat, the opposite of what was happening during the drought.”

This story made a lot of sense to me.

Our modern diet where there is an abundance of food and our big problem is what we choose to eat is new in the grand scheme of things. For thousands of years our forbears have struggled for enough to eat and suddenly, within just a couple of generations, there is abundance and we are not handling it very well.


If you wake up tired, have lower concentration in the middle of the afternoon, if you are not doing exercise because you are just too tired to organize it then the story above may well be talking about you.

Look at what is happening in today’s world. Food that is high in fat and sugar, low in fiber and proteins. Food that has been grown in depleted soils, picked green and still unripe, has passed through an extended storage and shipping process that has left it lacking in nutritional value - even if it has not been further processed.

Processed foods are full of chemicals, fats and sugars and low in everything we need to maintain a healthy system.

Add to this the problem that is so common of energetically impaired villi and we are literally starving our bodies.

We eat more and more and absorb less and less value from what we eat.

People are literally starving in the midst of plenty.

This is why quick fix 5 kilos weight loss diets have very little value.

You go on a diet, lose 5 kilograms. You see people who have done that and they often look thin in the face and a bit haggard. If that is the case then their body is protecting them by protecting the fat it is storing and they are losing lean muscle tissue and healthy fat (health fat, the fat you will actually draw on if you get sick, is brown fat that is stored mainly inside the chest cavity and around the vital organs. The fat you can see is white fat, this is where you get your cellulite etc. The white fat is the last things your body will release if it is lacking proper nutrition).

Sure the weight comes off but it is the wrong weight.

Then you break the diet because you have lost the 5 kg and because you have things your body needs. You need sugar, some energy, so you grab a chocolate bar or you need carbohydrates so you get some potato chips. Most of us are familiar with this sort of craving.

Think about it though because this is where it all becomes clear.

If your body needed sugar you would take a spoon of sugar out of the sugar jar and eat it straight.

You body is not looking for the sugar but for the fat that is associated with it in the chocolate.

You need carbohydrates? If you did then you would take a raw potato and chew on it to get a strong serve of carbs. Sound terrible? It is because your body is not looking for the carbohydrates but for the fat that it is cooked in!

What does the body do with that fat?

It stores it.

So you lose 5 kilos of healthy weight and then break the diet and replace the healthy weight but at the same time pick up an extra couple of kilos of body fat.

This then leads to bad news on the scales and the need for another quick fix, another fed diet, short term weight loss, long term weight gain, yo-yo dieting, the perfect way to build a pear shaped figure.

HealthNutritionOnline When you stand back and look at this it all makes sense, doesn’t it?

You are not going to be able to trick your body. You need to get your body back into balance and then it will work with you to get your weight and body shape into order rather than fighting you every step of the way.

How do you overcome this problem and get your energy and your shape back?

Rather than staving yourself and focusing totally on calories, take a closer look at everything you eat:
- You need to have enough protein to keep muscles strong.
- You need fibre to ensure your digestion is working well now and to stay healthy in the future.
- You need to be drinking enough water, not fluids but for good weight loss you really do need enough good, clean, water.
- You need enough nutrition. Much of this should be from fresh food or fresh cooked food that has been processed as little as possible.
- Most medical authorities now recognize that you need to supplement your diet with quality nutrition supplements, preferably ones that include botanical factors (herbs).
- exercise is extremely helpful for any weight loss plan.

In summary, to lose 5 kilos and to Keep It Off the very best way is to do it with balance and a clear focus on getting it off, keeping it off, and to be able to build on the initial success rather than a yo-yo weight loss that will end up leaving you worse off than before you started.

It takes a little more of your time and attention than the quick fix diets, but it leads to long term wellness and control of your weight and your shape, for lifetime health and fitness.

Food Health Issues Articles

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