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GETTING TO KNOW YOUR BREASTS – Breast self examination

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes and do not stay the same throughout your life. Your monthly period, pregnancy, age and weight changes may alter the shape, size and feel of your breasts.

To know what is normal for your breasts –

Begin by looking at your breasts in the mirror with your shoulders straight and your arms on your hips. Look for any changes to the size, shape and skin of your breasts, including your nipples.
If you see any of the following changes, bring them to your doctor’s attention:

- dimpling, puckering or bulging of the skin
- a nipple that has changed position or an inverted nipple
- redness, soreness, rash or swelling
Now raise your arms and look for the same changes

Step One

While you are at the mirror, gently squeeze each nipple between your finger and thumb and check for nipple discharge – this could be milky, yellow fluid or blood

Step Two
Now feel your breasts while lying down, using your right hand to feel your left breast and then your left hand to feel your right breast. Use a firm, smooth touch with the first few fingers of your hand, keeping the fingers flat and together.
Cover the entire breast from top to bottom, side to side, from your collarbone to the top of your abdomen and from your armpit to your cleavage

Be sure to feel all the breast tissue: just beneath your skin with a soft touch and down deeper with a firmer touch. Begin examining each area with a very soft touch and then increase pressure so that you can feel the deeper tissue down to your ribcage

Step Three
Finally, feel your breasts while you are standing or sitting.
Many women find that the easiest way top feel their breasts is when their skin is wet and slippery so this step can be done while in the shower.

sourced from - BREAST CHECK IMAGING:

St Leonards Street, Corner Stirling Highway, Mosman Park, WA, 6012. Australia mailto:info@breastcheckimaging.com.au

breast ducts

Risk Factors:


1 Age

2 Family history of breast cancer in mother or sister

3 Estrogen excess

4 Breast changes

5 Weight gain

6 Regular alcohol consumption

7 Early menarche, late menopause, delayed childbearing

8 Diet and nutrition – linked to 60% of all cancers.

9 Physical inactivity

10 Over-nurturing/feelings of powerlessness/inability to express emotions


1 Ensure liver detoxification processes are functioning well for clearance of excess estrogens – glutathione, cysteine, glycine, methionine, taurine, bioflavonoids, B complex, folic acid, antioxidants

2 Increase bile flow, hydrochloric acid and enzyme levels where necessary with bitters, digestive enzymes, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar

3 Essential fatty acids (EFAs) – (1000mg twice daily). DHA and EPA maintain cell membrane structure and fluidity, inhibit angiogenesis, inhibit metastases and regulate inflammatory reactions

4 CoQ10 – (90 – 400mg/day) has been reported to achieve partial or complete remission of breast cancer. It reduces tumour growth, normalises cellular function and improves immune system functioning

5 Folic acid – (600mcg/day) required for repair of DNA. Alcohol inhibits folic acid

6 B6 (10-150mg/day) deficiency enhances tumour growth. The demand for B6 is increased in breast cancer

7 Vitamin A (5000-50,000IU/day) or its precursor betacarotene (15-160mg/day) with other antioxidants, especially A,C,E and lipoic acid) as it enhances immune competence. Specifically indicated in fibrocystic breast disease

8 Vitamin C (1-10g/day) and bioflavonoids (600-3000mg/day) as they are potent antioxidants

9 Vitamin E (400-1000 IU/day) regulates the synthesis of hormones and stabilises cell membranes

10 Selenium (50-500mcg/day) helps detoxify heavy metals, protects against free radical damage and protects against heart attacks

11 Probiotics to lower levels of enzymes which resorb old estrogen

12 Shiitake and reishi mushrooms to increase natural killer cell activity

13 Zinc (10-100mg/day) is important in many enzyme systems

14 A deficiency of iron, copper, molybdenum, germanium or silica can increase the risk of cancer

When to seek Medical Advice:

If you feel any lumps or other abnormalities, it is essential that you immediately seek medical assistance.


Breast Care For A Firmer Shape To Your Breast

Dr. Shawn Mutt http://www.ayurvediccure.com/natural_breast_enlargement_firming.htm

It is correct to say that the female breast has captivated the attention of the human race like no other human organ. Since time immemorial, there has been a conscious reference to this part of the anatomy, and tips and suggestions on how to take their effective care has become an important part of all health-related paraphernalia. But it can be also said that despite the voluminous bulk of material on breast care, it still remains a somewhat ambiguous issue with women.

Proper breast care begins with the cleanliness of the breast. Women should devote a few minutes of their bathing schedule in pampering the breasts. Since breasts are a spongy mass of tissue enclosed by a skin, they can be washed with the same soap you use for the rest of the body. It is easier to wash the breasts because of their shape, but be sure to also wash the area under the armpits. Infections in that region could affect the breasts too.

When you are done with the major part of the breasts, wash the areolas and the nipples properly. Areolas are the dark circles that are present around the nipples. They have high nerve endings and are quite sensitive to touch.

breast lymph nodes

Also if you are a lactating mother, this area needs to be cleaned after every time the baby feeds. Otherwise residue of the milk could dry out on the areola and cause infections for both you and the baby. Follow these techniques of breast cleanliness on a regular basis; four times a week is the minimum requirement.

It is needless to say how important the skin of the breast is in maintaining the overall breast beauty. In order to keep this skin supple and lustrous, moisturizing creams must be used, especially in the winter season. Applying some herbal oils available in the market will also help to replenish the skin over the breasts. Oils are used before massaging the breasts also. Professionals advise different kinds of massages for the breasts.

The most popular one is the circular massage, in which slight finger pressure is applied in a circular motion over the breasts. The pressure should not be so hard as to cause pain in the breasts; and at the same time it should not be so light that it doesn’t produce any change at all.

If you take shower baths, then a hot water bath is good for your breasts. Breasts tend to lose their shape over time, and this is due to the excess buildup of the adipose tissue. However, a repeated hot water shower melts away the adipose and gives a better firmer shape to the breast. But excessive hot water can melt away too much of the necessary adipose and make the breasts sag. Therefore, hot water is good for the breasts, but in moderation.

Nipples are extremely important regions of the breasts. Apart from adding beauty to the breasts, these are also the only functional areas of the breasts. Also they are the most erogenous regions. For all these reasons, nipple beauty is a very important part of overall breast beauty. Keep the nipples clean by the methods described above. Also, massaging the nipples help. In order to massage the nipples, they must be pulled with the fingers outwards from the body.

While doing this, the fingers must not pinch the nipples, but they must work with a slight grasping kind of pressure. When you feel the nipples are stretched to their maximum, then stop and repeat. This procedure must be continued about ten times per day.

Apart from the regular massage techniques, there are several yogasanas that can be used for the enhancement of the breasts. All asanas that are good for the chest can be used for women who want a better bust line. These include the Surya Namaskara, Vrikshasana, Stabdhasana, etc. which put a better pressure on the pectoral and thoracic muscles, which are very important for breast enhancement.

Women could make breast care a part of their foreplay during sexual intercourse. A method employed by several couples is to focus on the breasts before beginning the actual penetration. Men are already fascinated by breasts, so it would not be much of an effort for them to massage their partner’s breasts.

During foreplay, the man can perform the stretching and circular massages of the breasts. This would have a dual purpose: to arouse the couple for penetration and also to enhance the shape of the breasts. But the man must remember to treat both the breasts equally, or there may be a risk of asymmetric breasts.

Finally, it must be remembered that breasts are very sensitive organs. Any discrepancy with them must be immediately brought to the notice of the doctor. Women must look out for any mass or lump that develops within the breast, as it could be a symptom of breast cancer.

Similarly, any undue secretions from the breasts must be urgently brought to medical attention. After menopause, women should visit their gynecologists for regular breast checkups.

Self Care strategies for Living with Breast health problems

Lifestyle Considerations:

• Exercise is crucial to good health
• Give up smoking and reduce alcohol consumption
• Drink 8 – 10 glasses of pure, filtered water daily
• Avoid anti-perspirants which contain aluminium
• Reduce wearing of under-wire bras which can block the lymphatic system
Breast self massage is a useful habit
• Reduce xenoestrogens (foreign estrogens) which mimic the action of very active, proliferative estrogens in the body and upset the delicate balance of female hormones.

Sources include:
- synthetic hormones
- plastics, such as PVC and polycarbonates
- petrochemicals, organochlorines, microchips, building materials, paints, solvents, acetates, pharmaceuticals,adhesives, detergents, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, perfumes, make-up, toiletries
- animal fats in non-organic meats, chicken, eggs and dairy foods

Dietary Factors to Avoid or Reduce:

• Minimise or eliminate refined or processed food
• Avoid refined sugars
• Replace ‘white’ products with wholegrain bread, pasta, brown rice, etc
• Limit or avoid food additives such as flavour enhancers, colourings, flavourings and preservatives
• Restrict intake of fatty foods, particularly fried foods
• Avoid microwaved, barbequed or burnt food
• Minimise consumption of processed meats and smoked and pickled foods
• Reduce consumption of red meat and pork

Dietary Factors to Increase:

• Increase consumption of fruit, vegetables and legumes (lentils, dried beans and peas)
• Organic meat, chicken, eggs, fruit, vegetables and grains are the best choice
• Eat fish three times per week and avoid large varieties such as shark, sword fish, tuna and barramundi which have increased levels of mercury. Choose fish with high levels of Omega 3 oils such as salmon, cod, mackerel and sardines
• Use cold pressed virgin olive oil in cooking and for salad dressings
• Increase fibre in ground flaxseeds, psyllium, bran, pectin, fruits and vegetables. Constipation is clearly linked to fibrocystic breasts and cancer
• Increase phytoestrogens in the diet
• Supplement the diet with a quality antioxidant and mineral supplement

Vitamin & Nutrient Associations


"Food molecules drift along the microvilli and are attacked by various enzymes until they're small enough to pass through the villi and into the bloodstream". The chemical breakdown of foods begins in the mouth with the actions of enzymes in the saliva and continues along the digestive tract to the small intestine, where most "digestion" and absorption of nutrient molecules takes place.

The small intestine has a number of features designed to maximize its absorption capacity. The most obvious is its length. About 6.5 m (22 ft) long it is coiled upon itself and packed neatly into the abdominal cavity. Its inside surface, about 3.8 cm (11/2 in) in diameter is folded and ridged to further increase the surface and absorption area.

Close study reveals that these folds and ridges are covered with millions of tiny finger-like projections called Villi. Seen under a microscope, the surface of the cells lining the villi display the individual absorptive cells bristling with even smaller finger-like projections called the microvilli.

If the small intestine were a simple, featureless tube it would have an inside surface area of about four square meters however the above features increase this to a staggering 250 square meters or more - greater in area than a soccer field.


During the digestive process the partly broken down remnants of food molecules drift along the microvilli where they're attacked by various enzymes until they're small enough to pass through the cells of the villi and into the bloodstream.

However much of the nutrition we eat never gets into the bloodstream because our villi are constantly being destroyed by salt, sugar, fat, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, chemicals, medicine, pollution and stress. The scientific term for the aftermath of this destruction is "energetically impaired" which simply means that the villi "break off" and become ineffective for optimum nutritional absorption.

Nature in its wisdom replaces the villi every three days, but due to our lifestyle and diet the replacements are poor facsimiles of the ones that break off. In about three days these are again replaced by substandard replicas and so it goes on. It's a degenerative downward spiral that can just get worse as each new generation of villi are often just shadows of their former selves (similar to a tenth generation photocopy). With Herbalife’s nutrition products you've got a chance at stopping the negative progression of the cells and reversing them back to master copy quality.

Getting nutrition to your cells helps to rebuild and regenerate the villi so that there's more surface area for the nutrients to be absorbed.


Once the body has cleaned itself of toxins and poisons and rebuilt its capacity to absorb food then we give it nutrition for the cells. The Herbalife’s nutrition products program has a total balance of what the body needs on a daily basis in a form that is delivered to the basic building blocks of the body, the cells, quickly and easily.

This gives the quickest way the body can rebuild its strength and health. The stunning result with so many health problems that comes with using Herbalife’s nutrition products is not because our products heal the body but because the body is given the tools to heal itself.

Further reading through our articles on health issues will give you a body of information that will help you decide what options you have to deal with the underlying causes of your problem through giving your body the nutrition products that will assist you body to heal from the inside out.

We wish you well in your search for solutions and your movement towards better health in all areas.

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