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Working with Bob in India : How to Get Started with Your Own Herbalife Distributorship.

bob-taylor-thumbnailsml It is good to see you are here. Looking through all the information to get to this page tells me that you are serious minded and that you are paying attention to what we do.

Everyone who has joined Herbalife as a distributor has done so in the same way: First they obtained an IBP (Independent Distributorship Pack) and then used the Herbalife registration form supplied with that pack to activate their distributorship.

To do this you must have an existing distributor who is prepared to sponsor you into our business.

Herbalife give a lot of support to their distributors but they also want each new distributor having someone to personally support them (In fact, if you have checked the market plan you will realize that you will actually have 3 sponsors).

In each area that I work in I look for one key person, a person who I like and who I feel comfortable with on a personal level. I then am happy to sponsor that person and guide them in how to establish their Herbalife business.

When there is a distributor already working with me in an area then that is much easier as there is someone locally who can support you so there is both local support and my own international support.

You will have noticed that I am selective about who I work with but you have shown me that you are prepared to look through the information and understand what we do. This is what I look for, people who are ‘serious minded’. People who are prepared to put their Hand Up and say that they have something to offer and that they want to work at it rather than people with their hand out asking that someone else to do things for them and expecting handouts. At this point I think we could work together. Initially I like to see people working their Herbalife business around their traditional source of income. Having a successful part time cash flow makes a big difference to your life. When that part time income is bigger than your full time income then you have a powerful story.

To support you we have a heap of training:
• Distributor manuals in the IBP
• DVD’s on the products, the market plan and also on how to work your business
• Herbalife run trainings that you can attend in your area
• A huge library of on line training from Herbalife themselves
• A whole section of training and support we have for our own team on The Health Success Site

For people working with me we have the site, The Health Success Site. It was actually one of my sponsors, my friend, Warren Tattersall, who built The Health Success Site. He did that to create a tool to tell our story anywhere in the English speaking world.

If you are a distributor registered in my business then I am happy to have Warren set up web pages for you on the site with contact forms that feed directly back to your personal email.

I will sort that with no cost to you, ie no cost to set up and no ongoing cost to keep it.

What are the costs?

The cost of establishing a Herbalife Distributorship is very little.

Herbalife include in the IBP about the same value of products as the value of the IBP so that you can trial them for yourself and personally experience the products.

The IBP basically includes everything you need to set up your business: The registration papers, product information, point of sale material, product and business training material. Basically all you need to get your business started.

Special Case For India

IndiaIn India I am very focused on long term growth of business, hence the Naukri advertising you will have seen.

In India I want one key person to work with in each city and then when that person is in place and active with their Herbalife distributorship then we will work together to build a team around them.I will be continuing to advertise and, God willing, there will be an ongoing flow of people talking with us.

As these teams grow and there is a solid foundation of business there will come a point where you need additional support and then I will be happy to talk about coming into town there to spend a week working with you and your team on a one-to-one basis. A very big attraction of Herbalife for me is the opportunity it brings to travel.

If we are establishing a new base of business within your area of India then I am prepared to do something that is very different from normal Herbalife practice.

I will set up for you a way to take your information gathering to a higher level and to actually get on board with Herbalife for a couple of weeks so you have personal experience that you can then base a Business Decision on.

Once we review this again together with a phone call and direct contact, if we have a matching of minds and attitude, then I will be prepared to ship you an IBP as my own cost so you have No Expenditure.

I would do this for a few reasons:

1/ So you can see that my own commitment to this process is more than just words and even with international separation I am prepared to work directly with you in a practical manner.

2/ So you can see that Herbalife is a truly global business and product and IBP’s can be delivered to your door across the city, across the state, across the country and literally around the world. This is the most practical way to show you that you can work right where you are and from there build business anywhere that you have people to talk with.

3/ It gives you a chance to get on the products yourself and experience first-hand how effective they are. Once you know from your own experience just how good the products are then you are in a position to make a serious minded commitment to working with us.

In return for shipping that IBP to you at my cost I need you to do these things:

1/ Fill the registration form as soon as you receive the pack and send to Herbalife. This will get you registered in the system so that when you do want to access products or support from Herbalife they will deal with you. Herbalife only deal with registered distributors so we want this set up so if someone wants to use our products you can access them.

2/ Use the products. I will be your personal wellness coach to guide you. The key to Herbalife is to know the products and to be able to talk from personal experience. Basically, if you are not interested to experience the products for yourself then this is not the business for you.

3/ Apply yourself to a little learning. There is training material in the IBP, training on the Herbalife website and we have also created some more specific training on The Health Success Site. Learn about the products and company so you know the best ways to talk with people to explain about Herbalife.

4/ Get into a Herbalife training. As I write this I am looking at my own training and have booked into 2 regional Herbalife trainings for myself in the next few months: one in Queensland – 2,000 kilometres away, and an advanced leadership training in Macau up near China. In your case we will find a training in your area. Until you see something like that you will not get the bigger picture of just how powerful Herbalife is as a product and as a company.

Moving Forward

Now you have a good overview of who we are, what we do, what I am looking for, and what we offer you are able to make some decisions of your own.

Top sort out moving forward fill out the form below and we can take things from there.



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