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Warren-Tattersall-pictureThis site, The Health Success Site, is dedicated to getting information out to people who are interested in health and wellness and weight control.

This Tattersall Times page is a personal landing page that I put up for people to drop by. There are now a lot of people working with me within the nutrition company I work with and many have sites on The Health Success Site. I do not want to overlap what they are doing but as this whole site is my personal site I’ve put together this little landing page for people to check out what it is we do and why we are here and also to be able to just check up on me personally and see that everything we do is professional and serious minded.

I’ll summarize The Health Success Site for you:

The Health Success Site AtoZ section

Herbal There is an A to Z section here which has information on a whole range of health and wellness issues.

On those pages you will find a broad brush summary of what a condition is, what current medical thinking on the problem is, and what is normally recommended by medical authorities that should be done to treat or deal with it.

After that there is some information on herbal and nutrition factors that may be useful for people with these problems.

This is not medical advice but recourse tool to let you broad look at a health issue to get information into your hands to assist you in making your own mind up about what you want to do for yourself.

The information here is as neutral as I can make it but there is a bias from my own involvement with nutrition products. I work with the largest nutrition and weight-control company in the world, Herbalife International, and on The Health Success Site there are distributors who work with me from lots of different countries all over the world.

There is also capacity for people to put their own information and comments onto the site and while I do vet them to see they are appropriate they are not Herbalife comments but comments from people and health professionals around the world. They are there to build this forum for information to help people understand their health issues and what options they have in dealing with them.

Information on Health, Nutrition and Wellness

Beyond that there is a section of health and wellness articles that you might find interesting, especially related to weight control.

Basic information is important. Did you know that medical authorities say:

doctors• 80% of bowel cancer can be avoided by increasing fibre in the diet and taking regular exercise?
• The most common reason for people to visit a doctor is because they are lacking energy and tired all the time.
• The epidemic that is currently sweeping the developing nations is . . . . . . diabetes.
• There are more people in the world now who are overweight than there are people who are underweight.
• The AMA in America says that 70% of all sickness and death are directly related to nutritional causes.

All of these things are talking about nutrition. Getting nutrition right comes under the category of things that are easy to do but also easy not to do. This site is designed to give you information and tools about nutrition that might aid you in getting this right in your own life.

Aside from that I work with Herbalife, as I said. Herbalife is leading the field in the scientific field of understanding herbal and nutritional factors that affect our health.

The Herbalife process of using amino-protein meal replacement shakes has been so successful over the last 30 or so years that they are now the largest company in this nutrition-weight control area in the world, twice as big as their nearest competitors.

seedHerbalife have developed a program of 'seed' to 'feed' concept and are now taking that system worldwide.

They have always had incredible quality control, but now we are moving to a time when no ingredient will be sourced or grown outside Herbalife owned and operated farms. This means that as soils are degraded, and food quality continues to drop, around the world Herbalife can guarantee that the ingredients we have in OUR products are the highest quality and insure that no short cuts, additives, or inferior products will are ever be used in them.

preservingHerbalife already owns huge amounts of rain forest in South America, and are buying much more. This is so the forests will not be destroyed and so we can responsibility harvest, and re-grow, ingredients for our products from the natural rainforest plants, and work for the local people.

Locals are being employed to protect the forest rather than clearing the forest to make farmlands.

Herbalife as a Business

Finally, Herbalife is a distribution company and we have over a million people working with us in 70+ countries around the world. Herbalife refers to the distributors as their ‘Agents For Change’.

Frankly, in the developed countries, health issues based around diet choices are becoming serious, more serious than our health systems, than Herbalife’s million plus distributors, than even our societies themselves seem to be able to deal with. In developing countries diet related health issues are being described by medial authorities as being at epidemic proportions.

Herbalife’s strongest growth is in developing nations.

People need our products and we need more people to 'tell our story'.

If you are interested in maybe working with us then I am very happy to talk with you about everything we do.

Feel Free to wander through the site (just click on the links below to learn more) then get back to me on the email form below and I will be happy to hear any comments you like to send. If you want to arrange to talk together then send me a note and I will be happy to telephone to you in whatever part of the world you are in

Best wishes



A to Z Guide for Dealing with your Health Problems

Are *YOU* caught in a natural energy shortage?

Catalogue of Herbal Based Nutritional Products

Working in a Global Health Business

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We have an international group of Nutritional Consultants, and we welcome new partners in the team, so there is also some information available here for people wanting a career in health and nutrition.

It may be for just some extra cash-flow each month, or it may be for creating serious wealth. We offer both.

If you would like to know a little about how working with nutrition products has affected my health, my life and my family then here are a couple of other links.

This is a little 3 minute video talking about working with this and as a result taking my family around the world for a 12 month holiday. What does that mean to you? Again, it means that this is a real business and, frankly, if it did not offer the chance to do the things you want to do then why would you bother with it? Check that out here –

Warren Tattersall and family on the road for a year.

If you have checked out the business development section, and you would like to talk to me further about starting your own Health & Wellness business, please complete the form below to arrange a personal consultation with me. I'd would love to have you working with us.

Warren Tattersall

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