Thanks for responding to my Retirement Income ad.

If you have planned for retirement, worked hard and effectively for years, only to now see your nest egg shrinking and the returns on your investments dropping to ridiculous levels then maybe we should talk.

We are a direct sale health and nutrition company and we are looking for skilled individuals to assist in sales and distribution of our products.

As a company we trade in 70 countries and I am personally working with people in a dozen countries and am always keen to work with people from different areas.

With our company you can create an income stream that you can have control over rather than leaving your future in the hands of some fund manager somewhere.

If you have skills in sales, training, people management then we may have something to offer each other.

While the market is looking for youth, youth, youth, I’m looking for experience and life skills and people who will take responsibility to get the job done. People looking at retirement income are often the most effective people in any industry and can achieve more, with less time, than their younger associates.

We are, as I said earlier, a health and nutrition company and we have a global presence. People working with us are involved in sales and customer support and our leaders work with team building earn additional income based on the results they produce.

This means we pay for the job done and we are flexible about hours worked and daily methods of operation. Our interest is in finding people who can promote our products, create sales, support customers, and lead a team.

If you have these skills and would like to create an income which you have personal control over then we need to talk.

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Warren Tattersall

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