Thank you for responding to my Nursing ad.

I chose the wording for my Nursing Experience Sales Ad with care because I am looking for people who have similar experience to mine.

I’m not looking for people to work directly in the profession. I’m looking for people with our professional background to work with me in sales and marketing of wellness products (nutrition supplementation) rather than drugs and medication.

I’m looking for people who want an additional income stream outside of our core profession.

In my profession I work in the general wards and specialize as a Renal Dialysis nurse and have worked in the public hospital system for a number of years.

When I entered the profession I believed I could make a difference. (I was bright eyed and bushy tailed!!)

As time has gone by I’ve found it to be an anti-social work environment. When everyone else was out having a good time, or spending that quality time with family, I often find myself “on the wards” doing my shifts.

We have a career but we often don’t have a family or social life.

We get little respect for what we do, high stress, low energy, doctors, patients and even other nurses giving us a hard time, while the professional manner in which we work often doesn’t get recognized.

If you are reading this and nodding your head then I’d like to talk with you.

If you don’t relate to all of these things then it’s not time to be talking with me and you should come back here again in a couple more years.

My own experience was that the hours, the stress, eating high sugar/high carb food to kick up my energy rather than the healthy food I wanted to eat had a cost.

Apart from a serious lack of energy, and getting grumpy with my partner, I found that I put on weight, a lot of weight. The life I living was going the wrong way.

I had a friend with a little on-line nutrition business and she had used her own products to drop off a lot of excess padding and increase her energy. I checked out what she was doing and used those same products to lose 20kg / 45 pounds and overcame my cfs problem.

This is why I wanted to talk with you. I’m still working as a nurse but I am also earning a separate income working with the nutrition products. I like working with wellness and seeing people recover rather than seeing then stuck on long term drug and medication use.

If that gets your attention and you think that having a separate income stream with a business in this area may be interesting then I’d really like to chat.

Fill out the form below and I’ll send you some information about our products and how we work and we can see if we should be talking more.

(You can check out a little more about this immediately if you like at my personal homepage )


Shae Callahan

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