Natural Remedies For Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids (also known as piles) are fibromuscular cushions that line the anal canal. When irritated, infected or strained, they bring pain.

You can treat your condition with natural, nonchemical remedies, plus you can heed these suggestions to speed up the healing process:

Drink lots of fruit juices and vegetable juices to keep the bowels as clear as possible. Overly processed and hard-to-digest food (especially those that contain white flour or white sugar) and alcohol should be avoided.

During the bowel movement, do not strain or hold your breath. Try to breathe evenly.

Taking a brisk walk, especially after meals, is helpful.

Natural Remedies:

Your discomfort may be gone in a few days if you try these suggestions:

Take 100 mg of rutin three times a day. Even when all else has failed, this has helped hemorrhoid sufferers.

Apply liquid lecithin directly on the hemorrhoids, once a day, until they go away.

Boil a large leek every day, eat as a snack or with dinner.

Eat three raw, unprocessed almonds each day, chewing each one about 30 times.

Blend 1/4 cup cranberries until finely chopped. Take one tablespoon of the blended cranberries, put in a piece of cheesecloth, apply to the affected area of the anus.

About an hour later, replace with a new tablespoon of the blended cranberries. This has been found to be a great pain reliever.

This suggestion is a cold one! Take an ice cube and carve or melt it to the size of a bullet, use as a suppository. It may give you quite a start, but it may also reduce the swelling and heal the hemorrhoids.

To a basin of warm water, add 1/4 cup of witch hazel. Try sitting in the basin for 16 minutes at a time, at lease twice a day. Complete cures have been reported within 3 days.

Tobacco isn't usually thought of as a natural remedy for anything, but try this, if you know a smoker. Take the tobacco from 2 cigarettes in a warm pan, add 4 teaspoons of butter and let this mixture simmer for a couple of minutes.

Using a strainer, strain the liquid onto a sanitary napkin. After it cools, apply it to the hemorrhoid area. Make a fresh batch and reapply 3 times a day.

Hemorrhoids are not particular - they can hit our sports teams too. According to a consulting physician for the Denver Broncos and the Denver Nuggets, you can speed up the healing process with a vitamin C bath.

Take one cup of ascorbic acid powder to every 5 quarts of cool bath water.

Sit in the tub for 15 minutes at a time, 2 or 3 times a day. (Since ascorbic acid powder is kind of pricey, try putting 1/2 cup of the powder in 2 1/2 quarts of water in a basin)

Papaya has healing properties. Drench a wad of cotton in papaya juice, secure in place with a bandage. If there is bleeding, the papaya juice should help stop the bleeding and bring the irritation under control.

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