Julian Pritchard – Business Opportunity


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Julian Pritchard, Hong Kong Business Opportunity

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Now is the time to build additional income working with the Number 1 Direct Sale Health and Nutrition Company In The World, Working Right Here In Hong Kong!



Herbalife is a solid, global, business working with quality nutrition products for weight control and for improved energy and vitality.

People use our products to look better and to feel better.

In 2008 global tunrover approached US$4 Billion.

Herbalife is established Right Here in Hong Kong with all infrastructure in place.

One of the Fastest Growing countries for Herbalife Distribution Right Now is the Entire World is Korea.

If Korea can do this, what do you think we can do here in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is poised to join this growth in SE Asia and we would be delighted to show you how You Too can be part of the Expansion Of Herbalife In Asia.

What Do We Have To Offer?




Products That Work.






The perfect business model for anyone looking to quit their dreaded day job and have more freedom to live their life...

What we do is direct sales and if you are good with people then that is a big start. Our products are health and wellness products and we have done our own personal testing on the products and had great results. We would not work with anything that we did not believe in ourselves.

We built a sales/distribution business that allowed us to sell our business while taking back control of our time. We work in our time now and not when the market tells us to. Being your own Boss and working your own hours is truly wonderful!

HealthNutritionOnlineWe are looking for people who are just like us, so we can duplicate what we have done here into other world markets.

If you are looking for an additional cash stream into your lifestyle then check us out and let’s chat.

I'll tell you a little about us before we do anything else.

We are a direct sale nutritional company with products for:
• improved energy,
• weight control,
• general wellness and
• sport performance
• as well a high quality range of skin care products.


People working with us receive income from:
• their own sales and marketing (this can be up to 50% of the value of products sold and so produces good cashflow quickly).
• Wholesale profits for training others to work with us.
• Royalty income if they chose to build a team and to teach them the skills of our business, and
• Production bonuses for achieving leadership levels.

Who are we looking for?

Some people working with us bring good, established, skills but others rely on us to support and to train them in the skills they need.

The main thing we are looking for are people who are self starters and who are prepared to work.

I’m now looking to build a new team of people who I can personally work with to duplicate our success here in my own market.

You will initially work with us in your local area but there is potential for you to build business, earning you income, in any of the more than 60 countries were we trade around the word.

If this strikes a chord of interest with you then we should talk more.

I'll give you a link to our business website section that walks quietly through what we do and how we work.

If we are working together you can have a web site just like this for yourself with full access to the support site at no cost to you. Check out the business link below to get more information about our company and our products.

Click here for our Direct Sales & Network Marketing Health Business Opportunity

Feel free to explore the rest of the information here about our online health guide resources & product catalogue (pages open in new window so you don’t lose this page - just “Ctrl+click” on the links below to learn more) then get back to me at mailto:julianwp@hotmail.com to take the next step or to answer any more questions you may have


THIS WEBSITE is one of the key resources that is put to work to grow YOUR BUSINESS – at no cost to you!

There are many parts to this site; Part one is designed to create retail customer for you via the A to Z Directory of Health Problems. It is designed to help visitors understand where their health issues are at now so that you can work together towards creating a healthier and happier life for them.

The second section focuses on learning more about how improving your quality of nutrition directly affects your health. When you go here you will see a comprehensive Directory of food health issues articles about the compromised nutrition of our foods in today’s lifestyle, and what you can do about it. This leads to a third section detailing the catalogue of pure nutritional products that we highly recommend and use ourselves for lifetime health and wellness.

When you promote this website resource to the public, you can receive up to hundreds of fresh new leads every month for both retail sales and team building.

This free comprehensive directory of health issues already covers around 300 subjects, and has around 1,000 pages of health related articles to help you and your customers maximize the appropriate use of our products for maximum health benefits… and is growing every day!


A to Z Guide for Dealing with your Health Problems

Are *YOU* caught in a natural energy shortage?

Catalogue of Herbal Based Nutritional Products

Working in a Global Health Business

Herbalife Business Opportunity


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