Hi George,

I was about to send you an email but this morning I am putting up some web pages for one of my distributors and decided to put the email up here so I could add a couple of videos and links for you.

It is up here for you to check now, sort of an online email, then I will take it down after a couple of days as it is just a personal message.

Herbalife responded to the order I placed but they have not been helpful. The individual DVD’s I wanted to send you are not available individually but only within the IBP (International Business Pack)

This is not a major problem. I just need another way to get that information to you.

The main thing I wanted to go over was how easy it is work with the Herbalife business by starting right where you are. One of your emails talks about business with a clear impression of working in other locations. Of course that is something I understand and one of the major attractions of Herbalife but in the beginning you can work Right Where You Are.

I am in the process of putting my own story on a webpage for people to be able to see what the few critical things are to get started and to build a business. It is not finished but the basic page is on line now so can you please check: Warren’s Story

That should cover many of the questions you have about how the process works as opposed to the market plan questions that I sent you to our In Depth section to check In Depth Pages

In Romania we already have some people working and I see this on YouTube but, obviously, I am unsure of what they say but Herbalife is the same in all countries and all languages so I think you will find it interesting.

I also wanted you to see how to use the products and this is good:

When you have looked at these I think you will have a good picture of how all this works and see that I will support you in this and it will be time to move forward.

Next step is for you to get registered through the purchase of an IBP and I will be happy to be your direct sponsor and we can get things moving.

Send me a note with your comments and anything else you need to know before we kick this off and begin working together and then I will get back to you with the Herbalife corporate office contacts in Romania so you can get your IBP directly from them.

Best wishes