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I chose the wording of my Day Time Sales ad with care. I’m looking for a particular type of person.

We are a direct sale health and nutrition company and we are expanding and looking for more distributors to work with us.

I find that there are a lot of people with children who want to work during the day but who are tied up with family commitments in the mornings and evenings.

Getting children off to school, preparing, serving and cleaning up meals, Just parenting in general is time consuming.

How then do you earn some additional money without putting the children into care?

We have an answer to that question.

With us you can chose your own hours and level of activity so you can be sure that you will be there to pick up the kids on time and do the things your family needs of you.

I’ll give you some details and if we have a matching interest then we can look at things in more depth.

We have a range of health and nutrition products that are particularly effective for weight control, losing weight and reshaping or gaining weight and building muscle, depending how the products are used.

We have great results in improving diet related health problems.

We distribute through our own team of independent distributors who earn between 25 and 50% of personal sales and who can also earn wholesale profits, royalties and bonuses while working in the hours they chose to work.

A serious part time distributor can earn the same as an average wage just servicing a client base of 20 or so clients who can be looked after in a few hours a day.

If you have good people skills, If you have experience is sales, If you like to help people, If you have an interest in health or in beauty Then we should be talking.

Fill in Day Time Sales form below and either we can speak together or I’ll get more information out to you by email about our company and what our products do.

Your details will not be sold and will never be made available to any third party.

Please add a note if you are leaving your phone number about what time would be best to speak, your evening would be best. Also, tell me if we need to arrange a specific time to avoid us playing “telephone tag”.

Thanks for your contact.

Warren Tattersall.

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