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I chose the Computer Geek words in my ad with some care.

I don’t want to be offensive, I just want people to talk with me who are internet savvy and who can take an internet marketing tool and actually do things with it.

We’re a sales and marketing company and I’m looking for people to sell and to market products but based around on-line activity. You surely know how many people talk about their computer skills and how few of them can actually generate any outcomes with them.

If you’re comfortable with on-line activity then let’s look and see if there is something here that will suit you and if you are the person I’m looking for to build a team around.

This is not affiliate program, it pays between 25% and 50% of personal sales generated and, as we are in health and nutrition products, our customers often reorder, month after month.

You also create royalty income and a cheque is mailed to you on the 15th of each month.

We’re in over 60 countries and have distribution centers servicing each country so we can work globally and have products delivered to the customers’ door.

I’ve built a website to support my own distributorship within our business and now I am looking for internet savvy people to work with me.

Top distributors with our company all earn over US$100,000 a year and that is in over 60 countries all around the world.

A lot of people work with us part time beside what they are already doing to create an addition income stream.

No problem, we are flexible.

If you have the computer skills and the effective work habits that I’m looking for, and are prepared to take personal responsibility, then I’d like to talk with you.

Fill in the “ Computer Geek “ form below and either we can speak on the phone or I’ll get more information out to you by email.

Your details will not be sold and will never be made available to any third party.

Thanks for your interest.

Warren Tattersall

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