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I chose my wording for my “Sales – callcenter skills” ad with some care as I’m looking for a particular type of person.

If you are tired of being trapped into a job that keeps you under constant pressure, pays you little in money, and gives even less is personal respect, then we need to talk with each other.

We’re a direct sale health and nutrition company and we are expanding and looking for more distributors.

As I said, I chose the wording of the Sales – Telemarketing skills ad with some care as I am looking for people who understand sales, who can talk with people, who can “tell our story” without falling over the words.

We do not have a call center, we have independent distributors. We do not pay a tiny hourly rate and keep people locked into what amounts to a cell with a phone. Our people chose their own times to work, deal with their clients from initial contact right through to the sales and support stages. Often our clients become our friends.

Our products let people control weight, lose or gain, build up their energy, get diet related health problems back under control and just generally look and feel better.

Income with our company is based on personal sales (25% to 50% profit at retail), wholesale profits (so when you train other people you get paid on the results), and royalties (so that when you build a team of people you get ongoing income from the work you have done).

Top distributors with our company all earn over US$100,000 a year and that is in over 60 countries all around the world.

If you have the people skills and the strong work habits that I am looking for, have had callcenter training and know how to work and take personal responsibility, then I’d like to talk with you.

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Please add a note about what time would be best to speak, your morning or evening would be best. Also, tell me if we need to arrange a specific time to avoid us playing “telephone tag”.

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