Thanks for responding to my artistic health ad.

I chose the wording for my artistic health ad with some care.

I expect that most people will not even come to look at what I am saying here because they won’t get what I’m talking about with the page heading.

This is why you are welcome here, you are probably interested in the same things I am.

By profession, by passion, by lifestyle, I’m an artist. I love what I do and I like to work with artistic people. The energy and the focus of our group is different from everyone else.

The bills are the same though; food, rent/house payments, electricity. Sometimes we need more that our art to keep the costs of living covered.

The compromise too often to work in menial jobs, for people we frankly don’t respect, in return for just a little bit of money, enough to try and patch up our lifestyle to let us get back to our real work.

My life has taken many turns and through that I have learnt to work in sales. That’s cool, as long as it’s something that I believe in and I know is good for people I’m happy to talk about it.

The answer for me, and why I am talking to you, is that I have another business beside my art, artistic health is working with health and wellness products while still staying true to my art.

If we look deeper into this together then I’ll tell you all about the sort of results people get on our products and what has happened to be but for now, since that is another of my passions I’ll not get started now and we can come back to that later. Just think of wellness, increased energy, weight control, health improvement.

We are a big company and trade in over 60 countries so we can work globally. That means we can be selective about who we work with.

What I am looking for is people like me, people are interested in more than just selling something and making money, people who are more concerned about what they can do to help people than the money they can make out of it.

“ Artistic health ” sounds a bit “off center” but that is what I am looking for, a way to earn an income with products I respect around my art.

Of course it needs to be profitable, if we didn’t make money then we may as well work in hospitality, we need to make a profit. I’ll show you how to do that.

Check out the information below about our company and what we do and then send me a note. Getting together on the phone an chatting will be the only way we will be able to sort out if this is something that will suit you and if you are the sort of person I am looking for.

I'll tell you a little about us before we do anything else.

We are a direct sale nutritional company with products for:
• improved energy,
• weight control,
• general wellness and
• sport performance
• as well a high quality range of skin care products.


People working with us receive income from:
• their own sales and marketing (this can be up to 50% of the value of products sold and so produces good cashflow quickly).
• Wholesale profits for training others to work with us.
• Royalty income if they chose to build a team and to teach them the skills of our business, and
• Production bonuses for achieving leadership levels.

Who are we looking for?

Some people working with us bring good, established, skills and others rely on us to support and to train them in the skills they need.

The main thing we are looking for are people who are self starters and who are prepared to work.

The reason for the ad is that I am now focusing my personal attention on duplicating what we have achieved here in our local area. I’m looking for team leaders who I can work with in other areas to build retail (cashflow) business and to build a distributor team (ongoing wholesale and royalty income).

You will initially work with us in your local area but there is potential for you to build business, earning you income, in any of the more than 60 countries were we trade around the world.

It this strikes a cord of interest with you then we should talk more.

I'll give you a link to our website that walks quietly through what we do and how we work.

If we are working together you can have a web site just like this for yourself with full access to the support site at no cost to you. Check out the business link below to get more information about our company and our products.

Click here for more information on our artistic health business

You can contact me from the form below and I will be glad to have direct contact by email or phone and we can discuss “ artistic health ” and what you are looking for and how that may fit in with our company.

Your details will not be sold and will never be made available to any third party.

Please add a note about what time would be best to speak, your morning or evening would be best. Also, tell me if we need to arrange a specific time to avoid us playing “telephone tag”.

I look forward to discussing this with you.


Megan Webber ( Artistic health )

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